31 things in October

Hellllllooo there, man has it been a while since I’ve been on the blog and boy does it feel great to be back.

It’s been a busy few months as the family and I worked our backsides off to get ready for our holiday, but more about that soon.

While it’s all fresh and exciting I just want to mention a little project I’m partaking in with some of my awesome fellow crafters.

Its called “31 minutes in 31 days” it’s a mini project for you to reconnect with ourselves and the things we love to do,  as we all tend to get lost with being mum/dad, wife/husband, friend, employee/employer etc.

Read more about the project over at Kellie’s blog here and  here

I, however, am just going to stick with 31 things over the 31 days in October, mainly because some days I may not get a chance to do any thing throughout the day while others I’ll have ample time.

Some things I have planned to do are:

  • read
  • go for a walk between work and school pick up
  • make some polymer beads for christmas gifts
  • sew (christmas banner / halloween costumes)
  • write some blog posts
  • project life spreads / holiday albums
  • go for a massage!

Looking at it like that it doesn’t seem like much but I don’t want to do something different each day and for this project to end up in the too hard basket!

I will share what I’m doing each day over at instagram and using the hashtag #fergies31things if you fancy following along.

I will be using a pocket page notebook to document the month with simple photos / a quick sentence.

At the end of the month I’ll share a blog post with how I went.

Whats somethings you would do if you had 31 mins each day to yourself for a whole month?


Kelly x


WITL 2017 – Saturday’s Stories

I don’t know about you all but here at the Fergie house weekends are for chilling out and getting back on top of things that have been missed throughout the week.  Life isn’t what it used to be . . . its WAY better!

Saturday’s are for . . . lie ins (for me that still means rising before 7:30) Last night I had both my baby girls in with me.

Saturdays are for . . . cups of tea and good books.  Z asked me to read the Once series by Morris Gleitzman its set in the era of the Nazis and follows the story of a young Jewish boy.  I’m reading book 2 while she is reading book 4.  They are young adult books and there are a few scenes which Z doesn’t quite get but she has asked for me to explain and is enthralled at this take on history.

Saturdays are for . . . playing make believe.  The little girls are playing high schools!?! All three of our girls have vivid imaginations which I love and encourage.

Saturdays are for . . . social media checks.  Z is pumped to see a page of hers on @projectlifepages

Saturdays are for . . . Bacon and eggs!  Stu is in charge of breakfast on the weekends. Todays bacon was cooked to crispy perfection!

Saturdays are for . . . Netball.  Harper is LOVING her netball mornings.  NetSetGo is a junior development program for kids to learn netball skills before moving to weekly games.

Saturdays are for . . . chores.  Everyone pitches in so momma doesn’t lose her S***. Harper folds the towels while the other two have others jobs, I vac and Stu is down at the cricket club getting ready for tonights presentation night.

Saturdays are for . . . having footy on in the background.  Stu got tickets to today lions match through work but he couldn’t go due to the presentation night so we passed them on to one of Harper’s friends dad as he barracks for the lions also.  Stu will be spewing as they were up most of the game!  Lou and Sandra dropped of a load of books that they no longer want. These will help with my read mini album challenge this year. #readallthebooks

Saturdays are for . . . completing puzzles.  This one was a challenge but we got there.

Saturdays are for . . . 3 loads of washing until the rains came as we drove to the cricket club!  I was not a happy camper! It was torrential!

Saturdays are for . . . awards! The cricket club presentation night saw Z and her friends get a medal for their girls team and Stu got a trophy for reaching his 100 games this year. Stu was giving a gift of thanks from his junior team and winter got this snap of them all.

The girls and I stayed on at the club for dinner then head home, Stu got home about 1am.

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K x

WITL 2017 – Thursday’s Stories

Thursday has come and gone yet the stories are still fresh thankfully!

I woke on Thursday with a pounding headache and the need to stay in bed another few hours . . .My sleep the night before was extremely broken and I’m feeling it to the enth degree this morning!

I drag myself out of bed and turn on the dishwasher which hadn’t been out on the night before and boil the kettle.  While the kettle is doing its thing I stretch out my back, all that walking yesterday was in hindsight not a fab idea!

I pull out the containers ready to make the girls lunch cursing this draw as I do so, it is generally much neater then this so I make a mental note to tend to the draws over the weekend.

Max and Cinder say good morning . . . actually I think he is telling her that he thinks she would make a nice meal!

Z makes herself breakfast and I remember the saying “don’t cry over spilt milk”

Wynter writes a letter to Grandma and Granddad and asks me if I could post it to them, she then asks how the post man knows to take it to the right house which begins a conversation about how the post works. . . (yes the “letter” is on a piece cut from a porridge box)

I have to leave earlier then normal today so I’m in doing my hair at the same time the girls are brushing . . . photo curtesy of Harper.

Wish the girls a good day at school and head off to my Pilates class, I have had a shoulder injury for close to 2 years now as well as a hip injury which is going on 6mths and am now being treated by physio (who we actually grew up with her husband) and attending clinical pilates to build the strength back up.  As I’ll be going straight from pilates to work I have to do a quick change so there is lots to take with me this morning.

I really wanted a photo while at pilates but I’ve not been long going and didn’t want to be that person just yet!  After my walk yesterday and a session on the pro former my legs are like jelly, I actually could hardly walk after I got off it! Good help me if the kids want to play piggy during lunch time!  I zoom off to work and am thankfully for a few moments to pop on my make up.

AS I was leaving work I remembered the all important letter to grandma and granddad so quickly went to the post office for a stamp before heading home to sit for five.

I get to school just in time to see My baby girl leaving the library I call out to say Hello and capture this. . .

At home while the girls are changing for swimming I download the school photos and am so grateful to them all for their beautiful smiles.

While the girls are at swimming Z does her homework.  Today I had to set my phone up as a hotspot for the WWW so she could get the info she needed.  She is loving not having to swim anymore it was her least fave activity.

I speak to the new manager and give our notice that we will be leaving, it was a kind of spur of the moment thing, I haven’t been happy since they took over and while we sat in the foyer I was getting more and more frustrated with the lack of personality they have the old admin girl was loving and she would engage with everyone who was there. I have already got the girls on a wait list for another swim school so the break won’t be long.

We shower at swimming which makes it easier once home I captured a moment while they were both getting dry and Harper asked me if the photo is only for the album and could I please not share it anywhere else. I promised her it will only be in the album if she thinks its ok to put in.

On the way home we have to stop for petrol as the light has been on a while . . . I’m that person who will wait until the light is on to get fuel.

I let the girls put on a movie while I have a lie down, this mornings headache is back and I’m really struggling.  I jump in the shower to relive some of the tension in my neck and shoulder then lie back down again. . . .but only a moment as I know I’ll doze off.  While in the shower I think to myself that having 11 different bottles or shampoo and conditioner might be a tad over doing it!  Looking back at last years album . . .I still hate this bathroom!

I check on the girls and they are right into the movie so I chuck on some ravioli and put stir some sauce through and call that dinner, Stu can have left over pizza.  I let them all eat in front of the TV tonight.

I go and snuggle back into bed for an hour before even contemplating eating, I make two yummy poached eggs before going back to bed, I’m asleep before Stu even gets back from walking the dog!


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Til tomorrow.

K x



WITL 2017 – Wednesday’s Stories

This week is going so incredible fast, I’m still taking photos each day, sometimes lots and others not so much.  Somethings have been missed which is ok because the days are built around differing stories.

The morning started off with two monkeys in my bed and no sign of the male . . . he had taken to Z’s bed as there was no room for him with Z in ours last night.  I wake achy due to a uncomfortable sleep but glad that I don’t have to work today.

Wynter and I spring out of bed and she goes straight to Max for a cuddle, this morning he wasn’t on the couch thankfully!  She helps with load this morning, she feeds Max and helps with the making of the lunches . . . she was so SUPER that i gave her a positive.  Our rewards chart needs updating as Z reached her ten and has “spent” them already.

After Max has been put outside Cinder cautiously wanders in to the kitchen once she is told it is safe she runs to the back door teasing the boy!

I walk around and open up the house there is so much fog this morning it seems unlikely that it will clear.

Harper is all about netball at the moment, she is keen to get back to her sessions on Saturday morning after our easter break, she asks if I can help her practice her passes, I do a few then finish getting ready to take them to school.
The girls all manage to get ready early enough to walk to school. which they LOVE!

I’d arrange with Martine to go for a walk after drop off, I miss our Wednesday morning walks.  Lou joins us and asks if we could walk to the bridge . . . we went the whole way then went back for a yummy (healthy) breakfast. I’m impressed with our walk efforts for the day 11.7km!!

After breakfast I head back home, Lou offered to drive me home but its only an extra 2km home  . . . half way home i was busting for the loo after my coffee! EKK!!

I chuck on a load of washing and settle in with a book, I need to shower but will do that after Ive hang out the washing that I just put on so I snuggle up with Cinder and read a few more pages (Loving this book!)

Washing out to dry on this gorgeous sunny autumn day, I love love love that we now have a washing line! (I’m not so happy with the stone I got in the photo though I though Id missed that!)

A quick trip to the shops I was looking for table cloths for the presentation night at the cricket club this week but alas so I head to Coles to grab a few things to fill lunch boxes  and the black boots I wanted were on sale #bonus.

I can never resist this when it’s in store . . .I only got one block today though I was being good!

I hang another load of washing and notice the roses need a prune so I dead head all the ones I can and make a mental note to spray the bush from the aphids.

At school pick up Z decides she doesn’t want to go to gymnastics today because she wants to go and work on her homework (talk about knock me down with a feather!). I let them play a while as the weather to so darn perfect! AS we head home Z snaps a photo of me driving.

When we walk in the door she gets right on to her homework project . . . She never likes to do homework so this moment truely needs documenting!

Stu is home early tonight so that I can head out with Martine.  As he walks in the gate Wynter requests some BIG pushes on the swing.

I suggest to Stu that he and the girls go out for pizza, as I leave with Martine my people walk to the Pizza Bar.  The Pizza Bar is our go to easy dinner, it’s down the street, the pizza is the best ever and the owner is awesome.

Martine booked tickets for us to go to these inspiration talks by some people she follows on social media., the talks took place at RMIT in the city, it was such a “different” type of outing for us but so so worth it.  They were so inspiring, I felt filled with a sense of needing to do something.  One of the biggest take aways from the night were as quoted “Be More You” and “if you make a promise stick to it” and my personal fave “don’t put up with crap”.  I needed tonight so much.

After the talk we walked through the city to a Italian restaurant in Little Bourke, we were so starving by this point that I forgot to document the moment.  We ordered the most amazing pizza and chatted away the night before we made our way back to the car.

Once home I took off my make up and fell into bed.  I felt exhausted but wired! I read for a little . . . ok a lot! At 12:30am I turned out the lights desperate to sleep only to be woken at 2am from a disturbing dream! Tomorrow already is looking like a long day!

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Til tomorrow

K x

WITL 2017 – Monday’s Stories

As I lay in bed this morning I reflected on the week ahead, lots of crafty ladies on the FB page have mentioned how they will document a different week as it’s not a normal week for whatever reason and while I have done that in the past (2015) as we were on a family holiday that week I also this it’s important to document the set week regardless as yes its not normal but really what is a normal week!

Last night I worked on our 2016 photos which I had printed and noticed that I (stupidly) hadn’t printed half of Saturday and Sunday (whaaaat!!) so I was pretty annoyed with myself but as I looked over what I’d done I realised how different this week will look for us.  The time of year isn’t too different yet our lives have changed so much in a short amount of time!

Yes this week is not the norm for us, we are starting the week off with Easter Monday, the girls last day of school holidays before they head back tomorrow, Stu isn’t at work today so it will be a crazy busy day getting ready for the return to “normal”  This year see’s all three girls at school, the inclusion of a new pet and me working . . . and finishing it off with the girls going to mum and dad’s for the start of next week as they have the first two days off from school and we have to work and have our wedding anniversary.  none of that is our “norm” but its look at life for this stage of were we are at.

Here is how our Monday looked :

Miss Cinder woke me up at 5:37am! So too early for a day when we don’t have to get up until later . . .but it gave me a chance to mentally prepare for the week ahead, she misses us like crazy when we go away and while I’m grateful for Martine and the girls to visit its  not ideal leaving her for whole days on her own,  when we return she certainly lets us know how unimpressed with us she is!

About 6:30 I get out of bed to have a shower in peace before the troops wake, I’m feeling like I have loads to do today but all I really want to do is snuggle on the couch and read my latest book.

I put Max out and make tea for stu and I though I know it will be cold by the time he drinks it as he is exhausted and will more then likely feel back asleep.

As I sit and drink my tea (Earl grey is now my tea of choice) I check the time of on the clock in the front room and remember I have to change the batteries and lo and behold I brought batteries yesterday for the girls lanterns and have extras.

I have breakfast and begin typing up a blog post, Z is up and has made herself a cup of tea and is playing with her new watercolour pencils.

The little girls have woken and we get some breakfast into them and get ready to leave to go to the movies as a family, I’ve already managed to do one load of washing and would like to do atleast 3 today so I have less this week.

Once at the shopping centre Stu grabs coffees for us and I get the girls popcorn and water, we are seeing Boss Baby and we throughly enjoyed it, lots of laugh out loud moments!

When we get home Stu puts away his golf clubs from our weekend away while I get another load of washing sorted.  Stu heads to the supermarket to get groceries for the week and I bake two batches of muffins (chic chips and Raspberry and dark choc) these go in the freezer for school/work lunch boxes over the next few weeks.

I make the girls their lunch (sandwiches all round, except for myself,  I have left overs from last night) after lunch Wynter asked if she can draw some pictures like the art man. (Art for Kids Hub on YouTube) This has been their go to activity over the last 2 weeks of the school holidays.

As I wait on Stu with the groceries I give the fridge a good clean, along with my little helper!  Between Stu returning with the food shopping there is lots of lazying around, reading/netflix and some sorting for tomorrow.

Stu and Z prep dinner while the little girls play with some monsters that Wynter made.

Stu is the master of Roast in our house, tonights was Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding it was pretty amazing!

I love that while I was giving Z a hug (she had asked me to feel how cosy her new PJs were) Stu thought to grab the camera and capture the moment!

While I clean up from dinner he gets the girlies ready for bed, Z reads him a current fave story book while the little girls tidy their there was so much giggling I HAD to grab my camera!

Stu walks Max, the girls are all in bed, Z is still reading while Cinder gives her snuggles and I multi task typing this post and laminating some work for Wynter’s teacher.

Z calls out to me “Mum is week in the life only day?” “No babes all week, why?” “I think I’m kinda liking it!”

Til Tomorrow

K x

My Goals for “Week in the Life – 2017”

Week in the Life 2017 is coming up super soon and i’ve been reflecting back on what has worked for me vs what has not and how I want to approach this new album.

2016’s WITL is **cough cough** still a work in progress, with that playing on my mind I looked at why it’s not yet done while my other WITL albums are.  I had made a start on Twenty-Sixteens album but I just wasn’t “FEELING IT” I needed to work out why that was and how could I change it!  Oh man was it simple  . . . I hated the cover page I’d started with, I had taken some patterned paper and adhered to number chip board pieces to it to read 2016 but the paper was just WRONG! It was the same colour palette as the kit, it felt dirty and weird and wrong, so I ditched it swapped out the title for the photo and quote I’d used for my “reason why” and instantly it felt GOOOOD . . . in-fact I now love it!  that simple thing had held me back for almost a whole year, so NOT cool!  To make the whole process super easy and take all the guess work out of getting the photos and stories in the album, I re-visited Ali’s blog posts and used her format with the page protectors and even some of the embellishment placements to get it done super fast.  I’m now super HAPPY with it (even though I don’t have all the photos as my printer died) I know that it will be complete for the start of 2017!

So my plan for 2017 WITL will be pretty similar to 2016, I have  put all my pages in, my daily cards which I think I’ll record something different each day that we are – loving/eating/thankful for/hoping/watching/reading etc I’ve even put in some of the embellishments where I think they my go but I can move them around if need be.

My biggest goal will to be intentional throughout the week, I will intentionally take a family photo, vertical format shots to enlarge, still life shots to place behind the daily transparencies  (which are sold out).  I will make notes each day about how I am feeling, I will include the voices of the girls and Stu.

I have intentionally blocked out time 3 weeks after the set week to work on my album, I’ve chosen a Wednesday to work on it as the girls are all at school and I don’t work so I can sit un interrupted to get it done.  BUT I know that it won’t be completely done that day so I’ve also set a date that I would like to have the WHOLE album complete, for that I’ve picked the end of May.

I’m feeling really good about my prep for this new album and being in this positive mind frame is making me feel better about other things #winning

Til next time!

K xx

Read – Mini Album

I love a good book . . .actually if I’m honest I kinda love the bad ones too! I love to read, before kids I read ALL.THE.TIME! Thankfully now my youngest is at the age when I can read more then I have been over the last 10 years, I’ve still managed some fantastic reading but it’s always in me that I want to read more.

This year I started the Harry Potter series (I know, I know I’m late to the party, Z who is almost 10 wanted to read them but I needed to read them first I was told) as I read the first two books I found that love I’d forgotten, of being transported into another world! I crave  that feeling of getting lost in an alternate world removed from the one I’m in.

During the last half of the year I was so wrapped up in work (as I’ve just started on this new career path) and it’s exhausting juggling being a mum and wife with work! As is the norm with mums we tend to give up on our stuff first and for me reading was what was given up!

So with the new year fast approaching I’m putting into place this plan I have had in my head for a while now to read as many books as I can this year, and while I hadn’t originally put a number to this goal I think I will try for 40 books . . . I’ve already complied a list of books that I want to read thought its not quite 40 its a good start.

Somebody (if it was you please let me know) posted on FB or Insta this cute as pie mini album keeping track of all the books she was reading throughout the year and I thought what a great idea! I’ve got a few mini albums in mind for 2017 so I thought what the heck and added a read mini to the list. I think this will be an interesting album to look back on for both myself and the girls, I’ve tried to instil a love of reading with them all and each of them loves reading as much as I do.

I’ve already prepped the album and have a pile of books on my bed side table ready for 2017 to start.

This is a look at the album so far . . .

I used Slim Jim Alphas (which are sold) by Kellie Stamps on the spine label, although I’m thinking I might change the label to a different colour ink I think the black is too harsh on these gorgeous coral 4 x 4 album.

The opening page is a photo of all the books next to my bed, with a digi Stamp overlay by Kellie Stamps again, this is from the Book Nerd set.  I missed out on the clear stamp set but I’m happy with the digi set as I can make up the little cards I’m using for the album quick and easily.

The next two pages include my intentions for the album and I  will be adding a  photo from inside my fave book shop.

I plan on having a photo of the book on one side and a card with the books details on the other, keeping track of my feelings, dates read, how many stars etc on the books as I finish each one.

I’m feeling 2017 is the year of the mini . . .album 🙂

Do you have any projects up your sleeve in 2017?

Til next time

Kelly x