Currently #7

Reading – “Three Wishes” Liane Moriarty
Listening to – The next door neighbour mowing and Zahlia begging for a HP marathon.
Watching – Grey’s Anatomy
Wearing – Comfy Clothes
Craving – Pineapple Filled Chocolate
Eating – Choc Chip Cookies
Drinking – Nothing
Dreaming of – The burger I’m having for dinner!
Working on – My WITL Plan
Studying – Understanding ASD
Hoping to – Spend some time being crafty this weekend.
Planning – A blog post for WITL Sunday and one about my thoughts on PL.
Grateful For
 – The Weekend!!!

Til next time
K x


Currently #2

The best laid plans hey . . .

Reading – “White Bones” Graham Masterton
Listening to – Adele 25
Watching – This is Us (still)
Wearing – Navy Shirt and Denim cut offs
Craving – Sleep
Eating – Super fresh bread to tie me over until an early dinner of BBQ Chicken
Drinking – Water
Dreaming of – Sleep
Working on – Week in the Life 2016 and my Performance and Development Goals for work
Studying – OHS (Still)
Hoping to – Have a smooth week ahead so I can get some Memory keeping done!
Planning – To get the girls in bed earliest tonight
Grateful For
 – All the love I got on my birthday yesterday.

Til next time

K x

Currently #1

One of the things I like about blogs is that you can use it as a journal of sorts, so each week I’ll attempt to journal all the things current in my world.  Blogging about these will allow me to recall details that I can use in my albums.

Reading – Truely Madly Guilty – Liane Moraity
Listening to – Florence and the Machine
Watching – This is Us (how good is this show!) and Planet Earth 2
Wearing – Spotted navy shorts and white t-shirt
Craving – Fried Rice
Eating – An Apple
Drinking – Water . . . but need a Coffee
Dreaming of – The weekend
Working on – 2017 PL and Read mini
Studying – OHS and ASD
Hoping to – Find outfits for the upcoming wedding
Planning – To get the girls wardrobe sorted
Grateful For
– the call I just had say swimming is off tonight due to ill swim teacher.

Til next time

K x