WITL 2017 – Friday’s Stories

Today I’m focusing one being thankful.  Today was not a photo heavy day but it is still full of stories that make up our life right now.

This morning I’m thankful to little helpers. Max always gets to lick the spoon after I put the girls yogurts in the tub.

I’m thankful for crazy kids – I walked up the hall to see this, I thought she was asleep but she was only stretching out her back and told me she would stay like that so I could get a photo.  She gets the importance of the project and has taken several photos for me this week.

I’m thankful that she is getting more independent, most morning she is now making her own breakfast and even offers to make the girls.

I’m thankful for fresh new make up, I’v been thinking of getting this for a while now and yesterday it was on half price.  I like to keep my make soft and neutral.  This set has a lovely matte shadow that I loving.

I’m thankful for Stu getting a coffee when he ran to the shop to grab some bananas for the girls.

I’m thankful for school excursions, Wynter was super excited to be going to the zoo today.  I’m thankful for these experience for the girls, even though we visit the zoo often being able to learn extra things from the keepers during excursion is so much fun!

I’m thankful for having time to go home between dropping the girls at school and heading to work, some mornings I just can’t get everything done in time being leaving for school drop off.  Today Wynter needed to be at school 10 minutes earlier then normal so when I went home I made my lunch to take to work.

I’m thankful for getting to spend time in the staff room today . . .normally I only get 15minutes for lunch then out to supervise my student in the yard but today he was picked up before lunch so I got to sit in the staff room and actually chat to some of my co workers!

I’m thankful for having time to go home after work for a cuddle with Cinder and a little time to do anything I need to do . . .

I’m also thankful for Easter Eggs, I scoffed a few that I stole for the girls stash while I typed up a blog post for Wednesday’s Stories.

I’m thankful for rain because of this wet weather this afternoon will be perfect to go home and snuggle on the couch! (Photo inspo from a lady on the WITL FB page)

I’m thankful for hot chocolate and cookies and warm PJs.  We all snuggle on the couch and watch the end of Annie that we didn’t get to finish last night then they made a start on Finding Dory . . . The girls were pumped that they were allowed to watch a few movies, the first week back after the holidays is always tiring trying to get back into the swing of school.

I’m thankful for a break in the rain so I can put on a load of washing.  The laundry is downstairs and is not a very welcoming place to be so I try not to go down too often!

I’m thankful for family that get involved in this project, Z saw me cleaning the bath and grabbed my phone to take a photo.
I’m thankful for husbands who cook . . . I hate cutting up chicken.

I’m thankful for all the stories that she came home from the excursion with.  She was telling me how when they saw the frogs she saw the tiny frog jumping from one tree to the next, we have never seen them jumping before so that was a little special.

I’m thankful to have a space we were can leave out puzzles or games . . .and I’m thankful for the sleepy time spray that got Wyner to sleep even if she is on the couch instead of in bed.  I think she was so over excited from her busy day.

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K x


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