WITL 2017 – Monday’s Stories

As I lay in bed this morning I reflected on the week ahead, lots of crafty ladies on the FB page have mentioned how they will document a different week as it’s not a normal week for whatever reason and while I have done that in the past (2015) as we were on a family holiday that week I also this it’s important to document the set week regardless as yes its not normal but really what is a normal week!

Last night I worked on our 2016 photos which I had printed and noticed that I (stupidly) hadn’t printed half of Saturday and Sunday (whaaaat!!) so I was pretty annoyed with myself but as I looked over what I’d done I realised how different this week will look for us.  The time of year isn’t too different yet our lives have changed so much in a short amount of time!

Yes this week is not the norm for us, we are starting the week off with Easter Monday, the girls last day of school holidays before they head back tomorrow, Stu isn’t at work today so it will be a crazy busy day getting ready for the return to “normal”  This year see’s all three girls at school, the inclusion of a new pet and me working . . . and finishing it off with the girls going to mum and dad’s for the start of next week as they have the first two days off from school and we have to work and have our wedding anniversary.  none of that is our “norm” but its look at life for this stage of were we are at.

Here is how our Monday looked :

Miss Cinder woke me up at 5:37am! So too early for a day when we don’t have to get up until later . . .but it gave me a chance to mentally prepare for the week ahead, she misses us like crazy when we go away and while I’m grateful for Martine and the girls to visit its  not ideal leaving her for whole days on her own,  when we return she certainly lets us know how unimpressed with us she is!

About 6:30 I get out of bed to have a shower in peace before the troops wake, I’m feeling like I have loads to do today but all I really want to do is snuggle on the couch and read my latest book.

I put Max out and make tea for stu and I though I know it will be cold by the time he drinks it as he is exhausted and will more then likely feel back asleep.

As I sit and drink my tea (Earl grey is now my tea of choice) I check the time of on the clock in the front room and remember I have to change the batteries and lo and behold I brought batteries yesterday for the girls lanterns and have extras.

I have breakfast and begin typing up a blog post, Z is up and has made herself a cup of tea and is playing with her new watercolour pencils.

The little girls have woken and we get some breakfast into them and get ready to leave to go to the movies as a family, I’ve already managed to do one load of washing and would like to do atleast 3 today so I have less this week.

Once at the shopping centre Stu grabs coffees for us and I get the girls popcorn and water, we are seeing Boss Baby and we throughly enjoyed it, lots of laugh out loud moments!

When we get home Stu puts away his golf clubs from our weekend away while I get another load of washing sorted.  Stu heads to the supermarket to get groceries for the week and I bake two batches of muffins (chic chips and Raspberry and dark choc) these go in the freezer for school/work lunch boxes over the next few weeks.

I make the girls their lunch (sandwiches all round, except for myself,  I have left overs from last night) after lunch Wynter asked if she can draw some pictures like the art man. (Art for Kids Hub on YouTube) This has been their go to activity over the last 2 weeks of the school holidays.

As I wait on Stu with the groceries I give the fridge a good clean, along with my little helper!  Between Stu returning with the food shopping there is lots of lazying around, reading/netflix and some sorting for tomorrow.

Stu and Z prep dinner while the little girls play with some monsters that Wynter made.

Stu is the master of Roast in our house, tonights was Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding it was pretty amazing!

I love that while I was giving Z a hug (she had asked me to feel how cosy her new PJs were) Stu thought to grab the camera and capture the moment!

While I clean up from dinner he gets the girlies ready for bed, Z reads him a current fave story book while the little girls tidy their there was so much giggling I HAD to grab my camera!

Stu walks Max, the girls are all in bed, Z is still reading while Cinder gives her snuggles and I multi task typing this post and laminating some work for Wynter’s teacher.

Z calls out to me “Mum is week in the life only day?” “No babes all week, why?” “I think I’m kinda liking it!”

Til Tomorrow

K x


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