Sports Memorabilia

Hands up who has kids who are busy with sport each week!  I have both hands up as our girls keep me busying taking them to weekly sports both after school and on the weekends I’m lucky that all three of the girls are happy to partake in the same sports though the big girls are starting to venture out and want to try new sports which is totally cool because I love that they enjoy getting out and learn / have fun and compete in sports.

Our main two sports are gymnastics and athletics, while gymnastics doesn’t have any regular certificates / ribbons / etc every now and then our eldest competes and has received ribbons, those ribbons get popped into a 3×8 page protector with a card to seperate the two ribbons which Z or I record the apparatus the ribbons where from, I get these from Ali Edwards Shop, you can find the ones I’ve used here.

During the summer months we go to weekly competitions at our local athletics track, each week the athletes all get little tickets recording what their times / distances were for their events for the week.

During the 6 month season I collect these tickets and at the end of the season (which happens to be today) I go through all of the tickets pulling out ONLY the personal best tickets, as the girls go up in age groups they have more events then when they first started so this can be a tedious process but I don’t put any pressure on myself, if we don’t have a ticket for an event then its really not the end of the world.

No one needs to all of these!!

These tickets then get slide into a design F pocket page protector long with their competition tag, which I cut down to size.

As the little girls do less events during the season then Zahlia I trim the page protector down to suit how many tickets they have.  I don’t pop them all in consecutively as I like to add in photos / QR codes for videos are little notes.

You can find Design F Pocket Pages over at Becky’s store.

Unfortunately I don’t actually have much in the way of photos from this season as I was the marshall for the U6 girls group so I missed several events each day from the big girls.  But I will endeavour to get a few happy snaps from presentation day to fill in the gaps for Zahlia and Harper.  Also on presentation day the club generally have a photo of each athlete competing that they share with the parents.
These pages then get slipped into the girls albums in-between their March pages to signify the end of the season.

Z especially likes to look back on the previous seasons results to see how much she has improved in the 12 months. I love that I can track their growth in such a fun way.

Do you use Project Life to document sporting achievements, seasons and comps? I’d love to see how you do this.

Til next time



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