Project Life 2017 – weeks 4-8

You read that right we are already up to week eight of 2017! How on earth did that happen. Where is the time going!

The end of February is fast approaching, March is always a busy month for us with birthdays and the school holidays which means loads of memories to document.

I’m pretty excited to share with you all today weeks 4 through 8 of our family album for 2017.

Week 4 of 52

I have left this card blank as I need Stu to journal about his night at the tennis . . . he will happily do this but I just need to get around to asking him at the right time, which is not now as he is away for work.

This card was a Friday Freebie over at Give a Girl a Blog, grab yourself a copy here.

I’m including Stu’s pass into the tennis in this week because it completes the story and its super fun!

Week 5 of 52

Week 6 of 52

Week 7 of 52

Documenting my hobbies is one of my constants in my memory keeping, lately this is what it looks like . . .lots of reading material, both new and borrowed.

Week 8 of 52

Two of my fave elements to this weeks spread, Harper (7) journaled about her excitement at getting gymnast of the week and I cut down and added some paint splatter to my week 8 card.

Whats your memory keeping routine, do you block out some time each week or simply do what you can when you can? I’m do a little of both, some weeks I can’t get it together and it all gets forgotten about and then there are weeks when I feel on top of the world and I achieve loads.  Either way I’m getting these stories of our into our books.

Til next time

K x


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