Project Life 2016 – June

I’m SUPER determined to get all of our 2016 album shared with you guys  . . .I’m also determined to declutter our house, set up a homework station, read 4 books and lose 5kg but one step at a time shall we!

Looking back we did heaps in June that I hope the girls remember in years to come!

Week 23 (May 30 – Jun 5) . . .


This was the first week of winter here and up until the start of winter it had been pretty chilly and the house was not warming up with the current heart, after some looking into it turned out the heater that was in the house was actually not working at capacity so the landlord agreed to replacing it thankfully.

We also said goodbye to Harper’s teacher who was finishing up to have her much awaited bub.

Week 24 (Jun 6 -12) . . .
This week was a huge study week for me, I’d been pushing myself with the goal to start my placement hours at the start of next term, meaning I only had about 4 weeks to complete 3 modules and line up a placement school.

Week 25 (Jun 13 – 19) . . .

This week was a pretty stock standard week with the exception that we had a family party on the weekend and I went to the football with my partner in crime and craft!

Week 26 (Jun 20 – 26) . . .

The season finale of Game of Thrones was the perfect start to the last week of term for the girls . . .I love the school holidays sow e can spread some time just hanging out and doing things we love.

On the weekend we surprised the girls with a trip to wild nights at the Werribee Zoo (a safari zoo), such a fun experience seeing the see after dark, we all loved it!

Week 27 (Jun 27 – Jul 3) . . .

School holidays and boy the weather was perfect we had a day out at the Melbourne Zoo as members we don’t often stay the whole day but we were all having so much fun that we couldn’t resist.

Zahlia made up her own board game that we all spent hours playing during the 2 weeks break.

On the weekend Australia voted in yet ANOTHER Prime Minister and I headed out to a baby shower for my gorgeous friend.

Tomorrow I’ll share July, til then

K xx


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