Around here lately . . .

One of my fave things is little glimpses into the lives of everyday people. How does everyone live, what foods do they like, what are they reading/watching/etc and I know you’ll like to see into the lives of others even if you don’t want to admit it, its human nature to be curious about the lives of others, sometime it makes us feel better about ourselves and sometimes it makes us feel like crap (which it totally shouldn’t by the way!) Take the Karsahians people love to watch them just live their lives, I like to watch stuff like that to make myself grateful for all that I have even though its minimal compares to the K’s simply because for me what I have is enough, I don’t need all the crazy that goes along with all that they have! So what the heck am I getting at your probably thinking! Well here is a little glimpse of life for us at the moment!

The girls are all well and truely settled in at school, homework is a plenty as are the dirty lunch boxes at the end of the day!

Work is a challenge but I feel like I’m settled in to the new role as best as I can, Hubs has hit the ground running with several work trips planned or already completed!

The cat and dog seem to be getting used to each other finally, though I still don’t trust them to be alone together.

I am surrounded by ironing, why why do they have to wear everything every damn day!

Our Project Life album is coming along, I feel like I need to get into my groove again but its still only early days.

I’m currently loving my read project . . . I’ve almost finished book 8.

I’m obsessed with the new TV series “This is Us” and “Big Little Lies” in fact This is Us is on tonight #winning

My craft desk is being over run with stuff . . .

I’ve just baked a batch of muffins for the girls lunch boxes and will do another batch tonight as Miss 9 prefers the blueberry ones to the choc chip.

The sun is shining and thats happy days as far as I’m concerned!

I best run and get the girls and pay for the special lunch and snow cones days they have coming up!

Catch ya later




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