Project Life 2016 – Week 18 and May

While I’m on still on holidays I really want to share the rest of our 2016 album.

I like to share chronologically and week 18 was a long time coming as I had been waiting (and waiting and waiting) to print a 6×8 it was just one of this things that I never got around to as id always forget to take my USB stick when I was near the photo printing store.

Thats kinda of how life works isn’t it! But never the mind, it’s all done and in the album now.

Forgive the photos I’m putting off getting my girls day for back to school and am procrastinating with everything I can think of!

Week 18 looks a little like this:

Stu and I hit our 7 year wedding anniversary on the Monday, we never get a chance to go out just the two of us for our anniversary but I like to acknowledge the day and I love how i arranged our wedding photos into a 7 to signify the year of how long we had been married. We actually got married on ANZAC day day of remembrance here in Australia and New Zealand, honouring those who have fought for our freedom, each year we make sure we pay tribute to the heroes that put themselves at risk for our country. this was the first year the kids have come with us to the dawn service and Zahlia was really moved by the whole thing.

I cut down a box from our cupcakes and made a note on it our fave cupcake flavour, I love that this will change as they girls grow! I used a close to my heart flip flap pocket, I love these for an interactive element in our album!

Week 19 (May 2-8). . .

I’d had a pretty rough week this week, the weather was rubbish, I’d been feeling lots of negativity. Towards the end of the week I had some exhausted girls but we all perked up for a lovely Mothers day of being looked after!

The girls received a postcard from Nanny and Poppy who were in the middle of a Australian road trip, the girls love to get mail and it’s always extra special when it’s from loved ones on holidays!

Week 20 (May 9 – 15) . . .

Week in the life was on this week, I’m pretty bummed that I actually haven’t gotten around to getting the detailed week into it’s own album but I have a goal to get it done hopefully this month or next.

When I get  my Week in the Life album complete I’ll link it here.

Week 21 (May 16 – 22) . . .

Just an ordinary week full of routine, documenting and mundane and the are moments that make up like is what makes these albums so interesting!

you can find this card as a free download over at Give a Girl a Blog.

I’ve been using QR codes more frequently in the girls individual albums but really what to start using them in our  yearly albums, I’ll do a blog post on how I do this if anyone is interested.

Week 21 (May 23 – 29) . . .

I’ve been loving using these phase stickers by Ali Edwards. They come in a pack with 12 different colours included and have loads of awesome phases.

Tomorrow I’ll share June

Til then

Kelly x


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