Thats a Wrap . . . December Daily 2016

Hello again crafty peeps. I’m going to try and post each Monday with some memory keeping that I’ve been working on. So here it is the first official Memory keeping Monday Post. Bear with me because I say I will post regularly but . . . You know life and all!! 

I completed our 4th December Daily album about a week ago now and I’m so please with it. It really is on of my favorite projects that I partake in throughout the year.

Throughout the month there were several stories I’d planned to document and didn’t and several that were included that I hadn’t intended on  Either way these stories intended or not make up our December and I’m grateful to have included them.

I’ve shared up to day 9 on the blog, and you can find all those pages by clicking on the day below.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9

So onto the rest of the album, I won’t fluff around because there is still so much to share!

Day 10:  I shared the story of our Santa letters which we had actually written the day before because our day 10 was filled up with sports.

Day 11: Today was all about our new kitten arriving, Introducing Miss Cinder!


Enter a caption


Day 12: For today  I documented the giving wall at our local supermarket, overtime we visit the girls try to find the card that they wrote their names on back at the start of the month!


Day 13: We visited my grandparents for dinner and as always when we visit the girls and our amazing GG (my dad’s step mum) made dessert for everyone . . .you never know what strange creation they will come up with but thankfully today it was a traditional Pav.

Day 14: Concert at school . . . It’s generally a good night of singing carols and spending time with friends.  I still have to up load the QR code of the girls performance that my took took on his video camera.

Day 15: Today was an end of a era for the Fergie’s, our last ever day at our Kinder! All three of the girls have had Olga as a teacher and I’d be lying if I said tears were not shed!

I also included an out of the pocket insert of the tradition Ive picked up over the last few years of writing Santa Letter to the Preps at our school.

Day 16: Today was a bit hectic so it ended up being a simple around here page, I actually kinda love it.  Ive never done an around here before but I will def be including this in the future!

Day 17: No words just a photo was needed, it says all I need it to say.

Day 18:  The best day in all of December! Miss Harper turned 7! I made an interactive element with the journal card hidden under a out of the pocket photo, and I kinda love it!

Day 19: My bestie an dI took the girls out of school for a day trip to the city and it was AWESOME!

Day 20: Was the last day of school and officially the start of the holidays! 6 whole weeks to just hang out with my girls! I asked each of them what they were most excited to do over the holidays . . .this might be a new tradition.

Day 21: Christmas shopping with my bestie

Day 22: A secret santa arrived on my door step with a parcel for my best friend and her family.

Day 23:
Just a  few small stories for today, wrapping some gifts and family.  I rarely get family photos I’m so glad I forced them all to gather around the tree with me…

Day 24:  The story of Christmas Eve and our annual Fergie Christmas Eve party! This is always on our calendar and in our book and the story will never get old.
Ive since swapped out the Christmas is coming tag for a drawing Z draw of santa for the sign telling our friends which way to head for the party.


Day 25: Christmas day . . . no words are needed for today

Day 26: because of all the fun we were having we totally forgot to open family gifts on Christmas Day so we ended up having Christmas Day part 2.

And that folks is a wrap. I’ve finished off my album with all our decorations packed neatly away.

Already can’t wait to do it all again in 2017.

Til best time

Kelly x


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