December Daily – Day 4

Today was all about getting the TREES decorated!

During the year we got rid of our old try as it was more the leaning tower of christmas then a beautiful tree.  WE had had it for almost 10 years, and it survived 3 moves but last year it looked like the weight of the star would make it topple!

So I purchased a new tree, then another smaller one and then another two mini ones for the girls rooms! so thats 4 trees that we have up in total and the hubs has told me now more!

The main tree is decked out in traditional christmas colours while the smaller tree I’ve decorated in gold, charcoal and teal.  I can just hear my friend Sarah laughing at me cause we went out once as a family and got out of the car all wearing teal so now that is the “family” colours according to Sarah!

Here is a look at day 4 pre story . . .


And now with he story and photo included.

Its’s taken me a little while to get the 4th up because I don’t have a way to print large at home so had to wait til I could get to the photo shop.

I’ve since noticed the 6×8 photo is dodgy so I’ll get it reprinted!

I kinda love this page!

Til next time

Kelly x


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