Project Life – 2017 Title Page & a Freebie

Can you believe it is already 2017!  I am so excited for this coming year for a host of reasons.

I’ve been so excited to make a start on our 2017 album because 1) I’m using the Project 52 Fresh Kit by Liz Tamanha and oh my it is such  lovely kit. You can find it in Becky’s shop here. And 2) we have so much fun planned for this coming year and i am so excited to document it all!

I have a few goals that I have put into place relating to my memory keeping for 2017, I like looking back at what worked the past year and planning what will work for the new year/new album.  Here are my memory keeping goals for the year ahead:
– Crave out some time per week to work on documenting
– Tell stories through each member of the family
– Cull Photos from devices regularly (Really need to get digital photos organised)
– Stay true, don’t get caught up in other peoples albums/style.
– Blog each Monday about current memory keeping projects

I’ve typed up my goals and have them sitting above my PL space as a reminder to myself, I can easily get overwhelmed with life and this area of me is often pushed to the back.

Last night I made a start on our 2017 Album and I’m pleased with how it looks, I had purposely saved the 20 and 17 from my December Daily album (I will share more of that soon) to use on the title page and am so glad I did. I’ll fuse closed the 2017 pocket once I’m 100% convinced I like it (I’m sitting at 99% but it’s hot and  the pool is calling!)

For the title page I trimmed down a Design F as I wanted to highlight each member of the family (Zahlia has since commented that I didn’t leave space for the pets so I reprinted new photos of Stu and Wynter with them so they were included.

I started with the New Year card from the kit and stamped a Kellie Stamp in a teal (this is fast becoming our unofficial family colour) ink, I should have positioned the stamp a little lower but them the breaks!  I was considering  adding the year dates (1 Jan – 31 Dec) along the bottom but I think it might be a bit much.

Behind each photo is a pull out tab with a mini questionnaire, I made these up on in word but have added them below if you would like to use them in your own albums.  I had each of the girls fill in their own cards, I wrote out what Wynter wanted to write for her to copy. I added their cards behind their photos, and I think I’ll attach a little ribbon tab for easier access.



Lastly I used this card from the kit because it spoke to me, for me each of these albums represent a chapter in our story.

How are you documenting 2017?

Til next time
Kelly x


3 thoughts on “Project Life – 2017 Title Page & a Freebie

  1. I’m doing a weekly spread in PL! Well, that’s the plan anyway. I didn’t exactly finish last year’s. But onward, right? I love how you used the 2017 from the DD kit; I put those numbers aside but didn’t exactly know what I was going to do with them. I may have to steal your idea!


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