Creative Dreams Do Come True


At the start of 2016 I made a goal to really tackle our memory keeping head on, my number 1 goal being to be intentional about getting our stories told even if it went weeks between doing anything I still made an effort.  I don’t like saying that I’m “behind” because that’s the nature of scrapping, unless I was documenting everyday then we are always technically behind.  My second goal was to feel confident enough to apply for the Project Life creative team,  I applied a few years back but was unsuccessful and really wanted to give it another go.  I found my groove throughout the year and come the closing date for submission bite the bullet I applied because I’d convinced myself I’d never get it, I didn’t want to get my hopes up, I didn’t even tell anyone for ages I just put it in the back of my head.

So imagine my surprise when I got and email from Becky with the line saying Congratulations! I squeaked (yes I literally squeaked) as I read the email! I honestly did not think that I would be chosen, they must get so many applications that I didn’t think my layouts would stand out enough!

The email said I had to keep the news a secret until they made the announcement at the end of December, OMG that is such a long time! Thankfully I had the Christmas season to keep me busy!

Well a few days ago the big announcement was made, I am still very much in shock as I’m my own worst enemy and never think I’m good enough!  I’m joined by some extremely talented ladies and a gents and am so excited to see what the adventure brings, I hope that we all inspire you.  I am so grateful for the encouragement I’ve received from my family and friend and the PL community!

I want to give a HUGE virtual hug to all my followers over on instagram, putting myself out there took a lot of courage for this introvert!

Look out for lots of (over) sharing on insta and the blog this year 🙂

Kelly x


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