Read – Mini Album

I love a good book . . .actually if I’m honest I kinda love the bad ones too! I love to read, before kids I read ALL.THE.TIME! Thankfully now my youngest is at the age when I can read more then I have been over the last 10 years, I’ve still managed some fantastic reading but it’s always in me that I want to read more.

This year I started the Harry Potter series (I know, I know I’m late to the party, Z who is almost 10 wanted to read them but I needed to read them first I was told) as I read the first two books I found that love I’d forgotten, of being transported into another world! I crave  that feeling of getting lost in an alternate world removed from the one I’m in.

During the last half of the year I was so wrapped up in work (as I’ve just started on this new career path) and it’s exhausting juggling being a mum and wife with work! As is the norm with mums we tend to give up on our stuff first and for me reading was what was given up!

So with the new year fast approaching I’m putting into place this plan I have had in my head for a while now to read as many books as I can this year, and while I hadn’t originally put a number to this goal I think I will try for 40 books . . . I’ve already complied a list of books that I want to read thought its not quite 40 its a good start.

Somebody (if it was you please let me know) posted on FB or Insta this cute as pie mini album keeping track of all the books she was reading throughout the year and I thought what a great idea! I’ve got a few mini albums in mind for 2017 so I thought what the heck and added a read mini to the list. I think this will be an interesting album to look back on for both myself and the girls, I’ve tried to instil a love of reading with them all and each of them loves reading as much as I do.

I’ve already prepped the album and have a pile of books on my bed side table ready for 2017 to start.

This is a look at the album so far . . .

I used Slim Jim Alphas (which are sold) by Kellie Stamps on the spine label, although I’m thinking I might change the label to a different colour ink I think the black is too harsh on these gorgeous coral 4 x 4 album.

The opening page is a photo of all the books next to my bed, with a digi Stamp overlay by Kellie Stamps again, this is from the Book Nerd set.  I missed out on the clear stamp set but I’m happy with the digi set as I can make up the little cards I’m using for the album quick and easily.

The next two pages include my intentions for the album and I  will be adding a  photo from inside my fave book shop.

I plan on having a photo of the book on one side and a card with the books details on the other, keeping track of my feelings, dates read, how many stars etc on the books as I finish each one.

I’m feeling 2017 is the year of the mini . . .album 🙂

Do you have any projects up your sleeve in 2017?

Til next time

Kelly x


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