December Daily – Day 8

Day 8 might seem like a super basic day, and in a ways it is but it is also a super meaningful one to me personally.

This is a look at day 8 in it’s foundation stage  . . .

I had every intention to write each of the girls a letter just as I had done last year, I like this tradition that I have picked up from Ali.  But sometimes things take over and you need to go in another direction with our plans, I have had a really stressful / emotionally draining year for me so I instead decided to write a letter to the 2016 version of myself.  I wanted to stress the fact that yes it was a difficult year but I am stronger for it.

I think this kind of activity is important for our own mental health as well as for our future self when we can look back and say that was hard but look at where I am now!

I also included on the back side of the day 7 2×2 some of our fave christmas movies.

I added some stars from last years silkscreen to the envelope before securing the 8.

I’ve painted the 7 with a Ali paint in Cascade to take away the harsh chipboard look. The silver colour makes the 7 look less obvious. I also stamps from the Story Telling with December Daily class. And ran with the same star theme.

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Til next time

Kelly x



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