December Daily – Day 6

It’s currently 2:30am . . .YES AM!! of day 8, it’s hot tonight and the hubs is snoring so I got up for some water and with so awake that I did a little tidy up then thought that typing blog posts was much more fun!

So here is Day 6 of the Fergie Family DD!  First lets take a look at what I was working with as my foundation page . . .


I didn’t have an intended story for day 6, I hadn’t even used a number as a base I just had this card from the main Ali kit. I had the day off work because Miss Wynter was going to school for orientation day and to meet her teacher, I thought that might be the story I was going for but I was so shocked by the teacher she had been given that it didn’t feel very magical, it is a story I will include in PL and I could have included here but have chosen not to.

Because I had the day off and we have no activities after school on a Tuesday except nan comes to stay the night so she can watch Wynter while I work on Wednesdays I decided that I was going to surprise the girls and pick them up from school/kinder early and go and see Santa!  I only picked them up 20 minutes early but it was just enough time to change and get to the shopping centre before the crowds.

Santa was lovely and we got a good photo, I won’t say great as I can tell the tension in Harper’s face, she is not a fan of strange dressed up men!

Take a look at how the page looks now:


When we got home from our Santa visit Wynter had drawn a picture of Santa, complete with her name written backwards, I love that she wrote it this way, I love that it shows the developmental stage she is currently in, I love that I can see future her looking back at this album and thinking how funny it is that she wrote her name backwards and I love that when she looked at the completed page she didn’t even notice that it was the wrong way!


I mean it’s just gorgeous isn’t it!


On the back of the drawing I added the 4×6 professional photo from the centre, whilst I got a 6×8 I prefer this size in this instance.

I took loads of photos of Santa chatting to the girls from the side lines these moments are the ones I will remember in years to come not the posed photo,  because we bet the crowds they spent ages chatting.

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Til tomorrow
K xx


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