December Daily – Day 5

So I’ve had a printing mishap with Day 4 so stay tuned for the post on that one!

Day 5 is currently on of my favourite spreads, I went with a thankful theme for today has we said goodbye to two teachers that we have been blessed with, the girls swim teacher who we started with will no longer be teaching them as Wynter has graduated to an evening class as of next year . . . I use the term graduated very loosely due to her starting she next year she kind of HAS to move to an after school class. And then there is Harper’s grade 1 teacher, Miss K has had to finish up the school year early due to a much need operation.  We have only had Miss K for the last half of the year as Mrs F went and had a baby! Miss K has been so amazing and even just typing this up I’m getting teary knowing that she will never teacher the girls again as she didn’t secure a position at our school for next year.

Right moving on for the sadness!!  This is what Day 5 looked like previously . . .


And now . . .

I cut down the four 3×4 pockets to just two as I didn’t feel the need of a photo for every thing noted. I added a Avery Index Tab stamped with the date, these are becoming a fave product of mine and I’m so glad I brought a few packs when I did.


To create this effect I put a line of wash over the top half of the 5 and stamped with my gold ink pad.  I left the 5 by a sunny all day to dry, I love how it turned out!

You can find my previous DD days here:

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Keep making merry memories with your families

K xx


4 thoughts on “December Daily – Day 5

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