December Daily – Day 2

The second day of December was extremely busy! We had a family wedding in the afternoon, which means trying to make ourselves look gorgeous!

I had to take the big girls to school, have a meeting with eh Assistant Prin about a concern I had within the school (not the girls), then a quick coffee cause it will be on of those days when I will need multiple cups, drop the girls bags off at each of their sleep overs for the night.  Then it was off to take miss 5 to the gym for a kiddie gym / play session this was a strategic move on the part of the mum who is having her the night, exhaust the girls and they shall sleep! P.S the plan worked a treat by the photo I got at 9:30!!

Then off to my hairdresser who did a stellar job, my hair still looked amazing the next morning!! I’m friendly with my hairdresser and we always have a great chat so this hr appt turned into 2 leaving me with little time to get ready to leave! OOPS!

The wedding was set in the gorgeous Botanic gardens on the Dog Flat Lawn during December they have a marquee set up to hire for events and it was such a perfect spot and set up with these two love birds!

The wedding was fab! The bride looked like a movie star as did the groom (my cousin).

While reading Ali’s blog I feel in love with how she included what her foundation page looked like so I am completely ripping that idea off.  I love seeing how it evolves from foundation to complete!

Here is Day 2 as a Foundation Page . . .


And here is Day 2 complete with photos and journalling . . .


I didn’t have a huge array of “great” photos but I think what I had was enough.


I used one of the tickets from the main kit and paired it with the Slim Jim alpha stamps from Kellie Stamps, I only got these stamps a week or so ago and they are fast becoming a go to!


I added a thin gold heart wash to the bottom of the tag as it was feeling a little plain, but I think this wash adds the perfect finishing touch.


On the back of the tag I cut down a photo of the reception marquee and added a die cut circle from the third Day in the Life mini kit, I’m yet to do that DITL but I’m sure I can part with one circle.


Day 3 has a messy circle that I backed with a photo of the bird and groom, after I secured the photo i realised I should have done so differently so that I didn’t get any over hang from the messy circle which I can’t cut back because I want to keep the gold loveliness!

On to day 3. . .

Happy Merry Making

K x


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