December Daily – Day 3

The silly season has well and truely hit us here in the Fergie house!

It’s the morning after the wedding so Hubs is feeling a little sorry for himself with a sore head and he needs to go and get the car while I round up the troops for all their sleep overs . . . all well and good until I realise my car keys are in his car in the CITY!!

Once we had the car and all three kids back Stu went off to cricket, I took Harper to a friends party while then went home to make a start on some of the decorating.

Later in the day . . .and my story for the day was the Christmas party at the cricket club.  I have been a part of this club since I was a bub when my dad played, then my brother who eventually got my now husband involved when we started dating.  Stu is now the president of the club and runs the jnr program.

Here’s a look at what the foundation page for Day 3 looked like . . .


I had in mind the clubs party but wasn’t sure where the story would lead so left out cards etc.

This is the spread now . . .


Its not the kinda of party I would take photos at, but I knew that I had to include the “Fielding Bar” the Fielding are one of the longest serving family’s at the club along with my family and I have known them my whole life. the bar was only named this year and is a significant party of the clubs story and history.


These gold messy circles have me all Crazy in Love as Queen B would say.


I choose this combo as the embellishments as red, black and white are the teams colours.


I adhered the 3 to the transparency with 3 little dabs of Mod Podge, this is a look from the other side.  I used Ali’s crafters ink in Pendleton to colour the back of the 3.

So far my album is looking a bit dark compared to the while of my foundation pages! Hopefully we can get some late on the matter soon!

Have a holly jolly week ahead.

K x



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