Dear December

On this eve of December I have high hopes for the next 25-27 days. The girls are getting into the festive spirit and I couldn’t be happier. I had Z taking a few self timed photos while she was decorating her own tree.

I love that she experimented with placing the phone at different heights for perspective! She then came to me with this photo and said here mum this one would be good for your December daily album.

Last year Z started her own album but never managed to get anything done other then a few cards made, so I suggested this year she take photos and over the school holidays we can do up her album, she was right into this idea.

Last night I had the girls each write out 2 activities each they would like to do during the month, and I’ve got those ready to put in the advent calendar. These hand written gems will go straight into the album to preserve their handwriting for years to come.

Traditionally on November the 30th I wrap a Christmas book for each of the girls, and manically look for Rosie our Christmas Elf. This year I’ve amazed myself and already have Rosie found and the Christmas books wrapped. Last year Z worked out that Rosie is moved by me and not magic I felt so sad about it at first but she is already coming up with fun things Rosie can do so she can keep the magic alive for her little sisters. 

I can feel the magic in the air already, I hope that that feeling continues and I can bring joy and magic to all my people this Christmas season!

Til next time

K xx


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