My plan for memory keeping in 2017

Generally about this time or the year I start to think about what I want to do with my memory keeping.  How will I document our families stories, the big and the small, in 2017?

One this I do know is that that the way I approached memory keeping this year totally worked! Now thats not to say that I have every week in the book, because I don’t far from it, I have up until the end of July and thats all good . . . in fact I still have my “Day in the Life 1&3” and “Week in the Life” to complete but both are documented either here on the blog or in my notebook so they are going to be an easy projects to tackle.

I’d been pondering which kit I would like to use for about a week, when I saw that Becky Higgins had shared this photo on Insta . . .

Its the Project 52 – 2017 Edition designed by Liz Tamanaha.  I mean really you can get much of an idea of the kit from that but I had also seen a few cards on another Insta page and thought yep thats my kit for next year.

I put the photo on Insta asking if any Aussie stores will be stocking it and low and behold I had a fellow scrapper in Melbourne mentioned Sassy Scrappers so I ordered it that same day.

Two days later I have the kit in my hot little hands and with each card I saw I was more in love. It’s a gorgeous kit with florals and minimalist deigns and a little bit of art thrown in. I’ve been adding to the week cards as they are super plain but excited to see how I can work with them.

I mean come on how perfect is this card for me!!

Miss W says Best Day Ever every other day so this card will def get a work out 🙂

I love the cards like Meh and Not the Best Day!

So what exactly will my memory keeping look like for 2017 . . .well pretty much a lot of the same as this year.  I will continue to document a week at a glance, some weeks will be busier then others, and some might be quite slow I’ll take our stories as they come.

I will also continue to stick with one kit, this works for me! in 2014 & 2015 I got myself so stressed out trying to find the perfect embellishment/card/style that neither year is done and Ive even struggled to go back and fix it because I like consistency . . .but then I love the creativeness of pages when people use all that “STUFF”. I pledged to myself at the start of this year that I will stay true to myself and true to my style, I simply do not have the time to worry about if the cards match my photos, I just want to get our stores into our albums, because our stories matter!

Next year will also have a mini album for a special month long trip we have planned, it will be so EPIC it will need it’s own album!

I would also like to beginning swapping out our vanilla albums with black albums for a more classic look, this will be a costly process so I will have to do it bit by bit.

As always I will continue to add to the girls albums to get all their stories recorded, I would love to get them involved in making some more mini albums next year, either for friends or themselves so in years to come they can see how they have grown within themselves.

I would love to next year include more from Stu’s and the girls perspective in the album, this happens sometimes during WITL but rarely the rest of the year.

Whats your plans for 2017? Do you stick to one kit like me or do you mix it up? Props to you all regardless of what your style is as long as it works for you then thats all that matters!

Til next time

K xx


One thought on “My plan for memory keeping in 2017

  1. Hmmm I really like the look of this kit. Perhaps I’d have less trouble keeping up if I stuck to the one kit. I didn’t really care for this years 52 kit but I could get behind this one! As much as I want the pretty embellished album I just don’t have the time to devote to it.


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