Project Life – Weeks 13 – 17

I can put our memories into books overnight this week! I’m so excited about that because it means that FINALLY I have all my assignments complete! I no longer have to search for the best literacy or numeracy strategy, no longer do I have to hunt for ESL communication packages! I am done! But . . . there is always a but! I still am awaiting on 3 assignments to be marked so fingers cross that they all come back OK and I don’t have to resubmit anything!

Everything today is falling into place, It’s the first day in about 6 weeks were I have had no where to be during the day, normally on Monday’s we have a swimming lesson at 1pm which really cuts into our day, but the pools heater had broken down so they called to cancel on us, Miss W and I were both pretty excited!

After we went and brought a few things for lunches for the week we played some board games then she asked if she could watch a movie, I’m all good with that cause it gave me some time to do a quick pick up around the house, throw on some washing and photograph some layouts that haven’t yet been blogged.

Tonight when the girls are in bed I plan on adding journalling to the weeks with only photos then watch movie . . . cause I don’t have to open a textbook!! Whoop Whoop!

Week 13

This week was the last week of the school term and the husband was away for work. Typically when he is away someone is sick, this time it was me,  I came down with a shocking case of migraine / gastro thank god for friends who can take the girls to school and others who bring the good drugs to help me sleep, and to mum who drove 2hrs to come and feed my kids dinner and organise a doctor to come and give me anti nausea medication!

Miss 8 turned 9 and after the party over the weekend it was enough just to go for dinner and have ice cream cake at home with the family.

We headed to the beach for a weekend of Easter celebrations, this year was fun because my 1 and a half yr old nephew got involved in the egg hunt with the girls, boy he was in heaven with a choppy egg in hand.

The girls always give Poppy a hand in the garden when we visit, they were busy moving firewood and driving the ride on golf cart.

Week 14

Week fourteen was the week of the “annual” Anderson golf cup organised by my grandfather, my dad’s step brother won this year, which was a nice surprise seeing us it is normally won by dad or my brother.

the most exciting this that happened this week was my sister in law an her family visited from the UK, they have never been to Australia before.  The little girls haven’t really “met” the family before so it was a real highlight of the year so far!  We took them all to the footy to watch my beloved Bombers, who thankfully won (one of the only wins all year!) and our nephew S fall in love with the sport, he is now a true Bombers supporter after we sent him over a jersey.

On the Sunday we all pack our bags and took off to Queensland for a week for sunshine and adventure, the family are here for just over 2 weeks and one of those weeks the girls are at school so we wanted to have a mini holiday also so off to the gold coast we went.

Week 15

Spending a week on the Gold Coast is always a full and busy week and it was no different this time around.  We had magical weather and everyone had fun.

The day we arrived we drove to Bryon bay for a while until the accommodation back at GC was ready so we got to have a little down time before the madness.  We did the big 3 parks (Seaward, Movie world and Wet n Wild) so everyone got to do something they enjoyed.our Miss 9 is a bit of a thrills seeker so she was in heaven!  We also made the drive up north to Australia Zoo, and I would highly recommend it to everyone.  It’s the second time we have been it was the highlight of the trip without a doubt!

As you can imagine we took LOADS of photos but I’m pretty good at borrowing down the photos I want to use in our albums.  I might do a post on that one day soon.

Week 16

Would you believe that this week is the first time I’ve ever picked up a HP book! I was hooked on book one and finished it before the end of the week! 

The girls were back at school this week and we had suggested that the cousins perhaps do some day trips around Melbourne and Vic for example to the great Ocean Road, because to me it seems silly to come all this way and not see our amazing state/country.  Because our house is considerable teeny they had hired a camper van which was parked in our drive, the hubs suggested cause he was already off work he go with his sister and family and do the Great Ocean Road too. seems perfect to me they could all spend some quality time together while I got the girls back into the school routine.

They all had a great time, full of stories when they go home.

On their last few days here, I took the girls at of school and we went to see Puffing Billy, it was such a awesome day out, the weather was perfect and the kids all got along #winning

Saying goodbye was a very sad affair with lots of tears especially from Harper, who gets overly emotional the poor chook.

Their trip went so fast, even looking back it seems a lifetime ago!

I did my first day in the life this week, which I realised I actually haven’t typed up some of the journalling, on to the list it goes.

Week 17

After two weeks of visiting family and mini holidays this week is feeling considerably calm! It was nice to get back into the swing of things, I caught up with a friend, the girls all got along nicely, it was a great week!

I also got to head to the other side of the city and see some awesome memory keepers I have meet through this wonderful hobby, and and hang out with Becky and Kari during their Australian visit. I wrote all about that experience which you can catch here. I have meet Becky 3 times now and each time I feel a little star struck!

One of my fave photos of the week was as I was getting ready to go to mum and dads for the weekend I spied Miss 9 brushing Miss 6’s hair . . .these girls are gems!

So glad to be getting my craft on again.  It feels nice to be looking at my album again!

Til next time

K x


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