The Gift of Memories

Around this time of year I start to think about what would be unique and much loved gift for our fave people, then generally around December the 22nd I freak out cause I have got anything sorted so I end up buying something completely unlike what I had planned and I feel pretty crappy about it.

Now I know if I got the gift of memories from someone I would cry tears of happiness because I love memories and I love seeing the view from another perspective.

Over the years I have given the gift of memories a few times, I’ve even given the gift of Project Life to each of my nieces and nephews and I love to see photos of my eldest niece working on her stories (she is in the UK so I haven’t personally seen her album but my sister in law sends photos of ).

Back in 2014 my middle daughter and I put together a mini album for her best friend’s birthday present.  I printed photos that we had chosen together of the two of them, then I wrote out stories about the two Besties, Miss Harper even wrote a few sentences on some of the cards.  I love that her Bestie gets both our “voices” in her album.

The night after her party the gorgeous mumma of Miss E messaged to let me know that Miss E loved her special book, for several weeks the album was read as part of their nightly bedtime routine!  I mean come on, if that is not the most perfect gift I don’t know what it!

I still add pics to the album from time to time, I actually have it sitting in my creative corner as I type willing me to add some new photos and cards!! (E, I will get to it I promise!!)

Here is a look at some of the pages from that album.

Another gift we made was last year for Father’s day for the hubs, this one was literally a last minute gift idea, I had a cute as pie 4×4 album and protectors which I was going to use for a album for our pup but wanted to make something special for dad.  I printed photos and snuck the girls into our home office while he was watching the footy and had them make cards to put in the album along side the photos.

The hubs loved the gift on father’s day morning, this fathers day we added a few new photos and plan to add to it each year.

My fave thing about this album is that I have the girls handwriting and a small drawing of dad from each of them! I just had a though as I took the photos I should have dated the things they wrote so I’ll go back and do that! 

My in-laws were visiting from the U.K. last Christmas and as a gift the girls and I made them a mini album of the girls fave photos of them with grandma and grandad. This was especially special as we don’t get these photos too often due to living on opposite sides of the world. 

I plan on making a similar mini album for my parents from the girls for this Christmas when I get the chance (dang studying!) 

Another fave album from last year was a gorgeous little one for my girls prep teacher. I kept stealing the kids out of class to write on cards and for the whole last month of the year I would sneakily take photos of the teacher doing her thing. 

This is Harper and her bestie giving the album to their lovely teacher, as you can see she was so shocked and yes their may have been tears. 

As I was finding those photos I found these ones how could I forget! Man I was busy last December! This was an album I was asked to put together for our chook principal. She was retiring after 16 years of leading our school (many years before then!) 

I sent cards out to all the students in the school and dug through old dusty photos and spent hrs and hrs putting it together. Everyone loved it! Such a special keepsake for her! 

Making these albums gives me as much joy as giving them! I think I need to add a few more mini album gifts to m list this year! 

If your stumped for an idea for a gift I’d highly recommend a mini album full of memories. The recipient will love it!! 

Til next time

K x


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