December Daily Stories

I sat down last night and gave some thought to what stories I have included in my past DD albums, which ones will be repeated this year, which won’t be repeated and then I thought about which stories I’d really love to include.

So I put together a little list and I wanted to share it because there might be someone who can find a great idea for a “nothing day”

Reoccurring Stories:
– The arrival of Rosie our Christmas Elf
– Decorating our Tree
– Dear Santa Letters
– Christmas Cards
– Day in the city
– Christmas Concert at school / kinder
– Our Epic Christmas Eve party
– Miss H birthday
– Last Day of school/Kinder
– Santa Letters to Prep students
– Santa

Stories I Need to Bring Back / Stories I want to Tell:
– Our Christmas Card Photo (this didn’t appear last year and I’m so sad I didn’t make it happen)
– Our Fave Christmas Books
– Our Fave Christmas Movies
– Lists from the season (shopping/gifts/cards etc)
– Our Christmas Traditions
– Christmas Stamps
– Making Reindeer Food
– Christmas Day Menu

Ideas of “Nothing Days”:
– A christmas themed drawing from on of the girls
– Around here (Decor / every day life)
– Silly Games (My elf name etc)
– Presents Wrapped / Paper used

You can see my past albums here:  2013 / 2014 / 2015

Have a great day, til next time

K x


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