It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

It’s that time of year again folks! December is fast approaching which means December Daily is fast approaching! If you aren’t familiar with December Daily I strongly recommend you check out Ali Edwards video and explanation here.

I received my kits from Ali Edwards about two weeks ago and over the last few weeks I’ve pulled them out looked at them put them away because I really should study instead!   Well yesterday I managed to finally submit my portfolio that I have been working on for the last month or so and as a reward to myself I gathered all my supplies to play with. After we went trick or treating I sat at my desk to study more and decieded that I was going to attempt some foundation pages.

I like to keep all my supplies together and out of their boxes so I can see everything.

I’ve never been great at starting pre-December as I just couldn’t wrap my head around it but after partaking for several years I have a general idea of how I like my album to look and feel. I also watched Ali’s video of her foundation pages and thought “Kelly you can do that, just put numbers in and any cards that will fit into days you know will be a certain story”  I kept it pretty clean and simple, I am hoping to work a little each night during December to get our stories down while they are fresh but if life gets in the way I’ll have 6 weeks school today to work in the album.

Here is a look at the album so far. 
For now I’ve just written out my intentions and slipped it in, I will go through and type this up and print out in the coming week, I like to sit on it to make sure it “feels” right.

December 1 – this will likely be the arrival of our christmas elf, Rosie brings the girls each  new christmas story to add to their collection which they will take with them when they start their own families.

December 2 – We have a family wedding this day, so that will be the story of the day, I chose two cards from the Decor8 mini kit for this page, they are so fitting.  The card hidden under the 2 says “let’s dance”

December 3 – These gold foil messy circles are divine, one of my fave supplies in the kit! We have a christmas party this evening so that may be the story of the day.

December 4- I plan on this being the story of our tree, I’m think maybe a family photo in front of the tree for the 6×8 insert.

December 5 – I’m taking a leaf out of Ali’s foundation pages and planning on doing a 5 things I’m grate/thankful for or a 5 things I love right now?

December 6 – I didn’t want to use a chipboard here so planning on using a overlay on top of the photo I choose.

December 7 – I cut down a 2×2 insert and i’m planning to add some ric ran or pom pom trim to the edge

December 8 – I brought this large envelopes during the year and I plan on popping a letter to each of my girls in here.  I’m also thinking I’ll do a star silkscreen under where I have the 8 sitting but I seem to have lost the silver paint I had some last years kit!

December 9 – Tonight might be all about visiting some twinkling lights around our area, I think I may also use the back of that envelope to add a photo.

December 10 – Dear Santa, we generally do our Santa letters the first or Second weekend of December and seeing as our first weekend is filled up already I’m planning on slotting it in here.

December 11- Last year the girls really wanted to bank some christmas snapped cookies so I thought that might be a nice idea to have as an activity in our advent calendar.

There is a 3×8 insert slotted between 11 &12

December 12 – I have penciled into my diary to hand over the Preppy letters, each year I reply to the letters the preps at my daughter school write to Santa, I have a nice collection of responses to the questions they all ask of the Jolly man in red.  I love this little tradition I have started and carried on since 2012.

December 13 – Just a simple hanging tag for today at this stage.

December 14 – our school christmas concert is on this night it will sure to be a well documented evening. I generally add in the program of the night here also.

December 15 –  I’m thinking an out of the pocket element here, I might make a page with some of the packaging or just have a photo?

December 16 – I love this little reindeer card found in the Decor8 kit!

December 17 – this will be last weekend before christmas, which I think is penciled in to be a family christmas party with all the aunts uncles and cousins down at my uncles beach house.

December 18 – Miss H’s is turning 7 today and we are having a pool party with a few of her friends.

December 19 – I thought I might document some of our routines from December on this day?

December 20 – Today is the last day of school for the girls and work for me so today will be all about saying thanks to the teachers and wishing my kids (I work with special needs kids) a merry christmas.

December 21 – I just slipped this card in as a reminder to use it case I super love the design on the back.

December 22 – the will prob be swapped around some, or I may document what we are listening to during the season as well as the story of the day.

December 23 – I’m thinking today might be  a nice day to give back. Id like to ask my girls how they think they could do this.

December 24 – This year will be our 7th annual Christmas Eve party, my parents threw a party on Christmas Eve each year and its still hold some of my fondest memories of my childhood and I love that each year our friends all look forward to coming.  We have  a santa who visits for all the kids and hubs mans the BBQ feeding all the troops.  This card is a left over from last years Jasmine Jones mini kit, which I just noticed has sold out.

I was so so so excited to find that I still had a transparency from last year. I thought placing it as an intro to christmas day was fitting.

December 25 – I add several pockets for the big day as there is always so much to celebrate!  The “merry everything” card is from the Paisley Press mini kit.

That ‘Cheers my Dears” was basically why I brought the Decor8 kit, I couldn’t go past the rose gold foil!! All the heart eyes!!!

I’ve just placed the remember pocket at the back of the album for now, I’m sure it will slip in somewhere throughout the month.

So thats where I’m up to for now, I have a DD day coming up with some gorgeous friends I’ve made on the project life Australia FB group, I can’t wait to go an play with them (Beck I’m coming prepared with blank cards for your messy circle stamps!!)

Til next time

Kelly x



2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

  1. This looks like a great start to your album Kelly! I’m sure it will be beautiful, you’ve gone a step further than me, I haven’t thought about any stories yet, just the numbers and cards. And yes to the pompom trim. Every time.

    Liked by 1 person

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