Around here lately . . .

Hello October!

How the heck did that happen? One minute it was July then BAM it’s October!
Life has been very hectic around here the last few months, as the family and I had to learn how to balance work / life as I completed the placement component of my course then I got called up for some paid (*YAY) work for the last two weeks of term because of all these days working the juggling act that I was dreading become a very real reality.

As all working parents will know juggling work / family life can take a while to get used to and sometimes things get pushed to the back of the queue.  This was a very real life lesson for us.  There has been fights, tears and lots of dirty washing . . . But we did it! We made it to the school holidays and boy were they a beacon of sanity and relaxation!  It’s been super ACE to “catch up” with my girls, and I really mean catch up, I feel like Ive barely seen them let alone spend quality time with them the last few months.

Here is a little of what the last few months have looked like for us . . .

Even though we are renters we still like to take good care of the property and gardens, this little court yard had loads of trees that were damaging the guttering so we had my dad come and cut them back to where he thought was healthy (he is a landscaper) when I got home this day I was shocked at how much he took off but they needed it these James Stirlings hadn’t had a trim in forever!

This is the first class room I worked in for my work placements, every morning for 6 weeks this was where I worked helping the teacher and students.img_1889-1

Seeing as we had a tree mulcher coming we cut back all of the rose too . . .I may have cut it back too far and we may not have many roses this spring but it was wild and again needed a good cut. I have a dodgy shoulder and after I’d cut back most of this the hubby realised that I prob shouldn’t be doing the pruning!

Working all week dn missing my girls we took a Sunday drive one weekend out to the country side and stumbled across this cute lil’ book shop, I’m so thankfully all three of my girls value books like I do.

I took some much needed me time in August and attended a art class with my BFF. We both needed to recharge our batteries and this was a great chance to do so.

At the start of August we welcomed too new bubba’s, this is my new nephew and the other bub is my gorgeous friends lil girl who she has been dreaming of for years, and worked so hard to get her. I can’t wait to watch these little people grow and learn.

We celebrated this little monkey’s 5th birthday, I was working this day and I was so gutted to not be able to spend it with her (it brings a tears just thinking of how I missed her birthday) but she and daddy spent the day together, he took her na her bestie to Bounce and out for a special lunch so she was still happy.img_2345

This little guy was also welcomed to the family, this is Nanny’s pup Indie and It was quite the shock when she announced that she was getting him! dad isn’t a huge fan of dogs and my folks travel heaps so the news of a fur baby was so surprising! But welcome because  the girls love him!img_2442

I haven’t had much time to get my craft on after working all day with special needs kids and coming home to my own three I was quite drained each night, but this weekend I sewed and sewed because Miss H wanted to me the Very Hungry Caterpillar for book week and who am I to say she can’t be!img_2469

August = the start of Gymnastics comps, Miss Z didn’t place but bless her heart she said to me afterwards, “Mum I’m so happy for E and R (team mates who placed) because they worked so hard! I just need to work harder and its all good experiences” img_2505

Our Annual snow trip was later then normal this year as we weren’t going to go this year and instead save the cash, thankfully my placement finished the week before so I was able to relax! the timing couldn’t have been better as times had been tense within the familyI actually didn’t want to go because I didn’t really want to stay ni the same room as S but we went and made the most of family time.

More gardening!

Weekends now mean washing  . . . so much washing!!! Normally I try and get a load done each day but that just does not happen at the moment.
Big Sister off to camp much to the little ones dismay, Z had a good time but didn’t like it as much as last years school camp.  I started Paid work this week, working M-T-W half days and Th Full day, thankful I had Friday off as Z got home from Camp and S was away on a golf trip

The following week I worked half the week at my placement school in Strathmore and the second half the week as a relief staff at Avondale PS this was a whole new experience as these students had a wider range of needs then what I was used to working with.

School Concert time! This years theme was radio legends, Z’s class performed to Kiss and H’s class Marvin Gay.  This is the first year since Z started that I haven’t helped with eh concert prep, I love helping at school but some things are out of my control.

Finally school holidays!! two whole weeks with the girls doing what ever we want!!!

Time to get the veggie patch back up and running for summer salad’s!

Patch 2 has Sweet Corn, Carrots, Sprouts (for Z only #puke) and Thyme, in the other patch we have tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and basil. . . . then in 3 we have peas, rosemary, lavender, sunflowers and capsicum.

Z has been DESPERATE to take up diving, so I booked her into a few lessons for the holidays and now she is hooked! They started with basically skills and now all she wants to do is learn how to do the tumbles off the board!

School holidays also mean getting my PL on! I have a goal to get May and hopefully June done these holidays and lo and behold I got up to the start of August done, they are not my best spreads but they are in!!

Ove the second week of holidays we are on Chicken duty at Kinder, Miss Vanilla took a liking to Z!!


Not having to watch the clock (study or work) means I have time to do a few projects around the house like this Kmart Hack, $3 wood grain contact on our display shelf #winning

Another project is photographing all the girls artwork before it collapses on top of us like a ep from hoarders!!

So thats it, thats been our life the last few months, looking back it seems like we made it work, but what I didn’t document is the exhaustion and the mess around the house.  I had to have a spreadsheet so I knew who was taking the girls on which days etc.

My girls are back at school today and Miss 5 is having a rest day after a night of croup last night.  Back to work for me tomorrow so today I’ll give the house a tidy and make sure all the washing etc is done, and bake some muffins for the week ahead.

I hope you all have had a good few months and looking forward to the silly season that is fast approaching!!

Til next time

K xx


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