Day in the Life – July 2016

I thought I’d share with you all the Day in the Life I just completed.  This is my second DITL for the year and I’m so happy with the results!

I did my first DITL back in April and am yet to complete some of the process of putting it all together but that didn’t stop my from trying again.

I used the new mini kit Ali Edwards produced which can be found here I loved the idea behind the approach of taking a photo/telling a story which represented each hour.  So I went about it and set some alarms in my phone to remind myself to take a photo, I didn’t intentionally record on the hour, nor did I document the exact time of when we ate/played etc as really it doesn’t make much difference to how the day panned out.

By the end of the day I had 74 photos lots of which were deleted as they were just not needed, my photos aren’t perfect as for me this project is more about the documentation of the day rather then the quality of my photos.

I wrote out each card within the following hour and the next morning I went through and printed out the photos I wanted to include, I didn’t even bother to edit (I don’t edit often as I’m a done not perfect kinda girl with my memory keeping!)

The hubs was heading interstate the following night so after he left for the airport I gathered all my supplies, put on a movie and got to work pulling the stories and photos together.

By the end of the movie (Crazy Stupid Love) I had eaten almost a whole block of pineapple filled chocolate and completed the whole project! #winning

There are some of the cards and photos in more detail:

Things I wish I’d done differently:

– I wish I had thought to put some of the embellishments on the cards before I wrote out the journalling as I wrote so much I didn’t have space for them afterwards.

– I think I would have preferred a white border around my photos but I’m not that clever on Photoshop just yet.

I’m so glad to have this project already in the album. I’ve been so busy of lately weekly album has been put on the back burner but completing the DITL project has given me so much motivation to get some of our daily life in the album again!!

Til next time

K x


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