Dear Blog, I’m Sorry . . .

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry I’ve abandoned you of late! I have a legit reason but I feel bad none the less! To explain what why I have left you for so long let me explain what has been going on in my world lately . . .

So since the last time I posted way back in May during the week of Week in the Life (May 9-15) things have been kinda crazy hectic.  It dawned on me that if I didn’t get cracking on my studies (in education support) I would seriously struggle to complete my course before the end of my course duration which is in Oct, I have 10 study periods and I had only completed 2 by this stage due to un foreseen circumstances last year made it difficult to focus on studies. I also have to complete 120hrs of work placement and a portfolio so I made a plan to get all my study periods  complete and be able to start work placement at the start of term 3 and lo and behold I did it! I busted my butt and get through Study Periods 3 – 6  in just over a month, I’d been reading up on the courses FB page how much people had struggled with SP 4 so when I got to that I was really stressing out! But i did it and I managed to get mainly high distinctions! Go me!!!

So as you can imagine I’ve pretty much filled every spare second with study, I have managed to read a few books to clear my mind of literacy strategies and cultural diversity! I am a HUGE lover of books, I love to read it’s such an escape for me from reality. I have a goal to read at least 30 books this year, I have a love for crime novels here are a few on my list:
– Harry Potter series  (never read them before but Miss 9 has gotten into them so i’m readying them too.  I’m currently up to the half blood prince)
– Still Alice (I finished this last week and I throughly loved it!)
– Eeny Meeny
– Sharp Objects
– The Accident
There are plenty more on my list!! Ive read about 10 books so far from my list so over these school holidays I might step it up a bit 🙂
Life in general has been really hectic but just taking on day at a time to get through at the moment, it means putting some things on the back burner, like my albums, I haven’t touched them in almost a month, and all the girls piles and piles of art work but now the girls are on school holidays I have 2 weeks to give the house a major sweep (we have hard rubbish next week so GREAT time to clean out!) and ready myself mentally for work placements and to do that I plan on sorting out the house a big declutter, starting in the office, I have so much crap in here!! Sorting the girls wardrobes so they actually have clothes that fit and get into a routine of washing and ironing/putting away so they have clothes each week and I don’t spend mornings running around crazily trying to find stuff when I need to get to the school for placement. and the kitchen, I plan on making up some meals for those nights of those crazy hectic days!

Thankfully winter is in full swing so it’s a good excuse to stay in and get stuff down inside or even better snuggle on the couch watching movies or reading!

And my dear dear blog, I have missed you during this craziness but I promise you I will return to you soon, I just have to get through this course and I will feel more normal I’m sure!

Til I return

K x


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