WITH 2016 – Sunday

Whoo hoo we made it!

The week has been good, but tough! I’ve been emotional, I’ve been thinking about the future and wondering how to move forward from where I’m at right now in my life!

Anyways, Sunday! Sunday is our laze around the house day, getting things done, playing games, watching movies, reading books and today was no different.

I started the morning off with a scroll through FB and insta (you can find me @thefergiestory), I follow a page called “crime by the book”, I love a crime drama, it’s by far my favourite type of read. “Crime buy the Book” reviews books and sometimes there is one that I just have to note down to read, today it was “The Trap” I have plenty of books on my must read list!  

I then got up and made a start on the shopping list and menu plan for the week ahead, the husband will be away for half the week which makes planning dinner tricky as the little girls aren’t overly adventurous with food so it’s plenty of boring food while he is gone, and boy am I craving some of our fave go to dinners!

Miss 9 woke up feeling ok no more vomit thankfully she did however have some allergy reactions from being in the gardens yesterday! She is allergic to grasses so being in a garden all day ain’t ideal especially when mum forgets to pack her allergy medication when she goes to a sleep over. 

Being out yesterday meant I’d forgotten to wash the girls uniforms so that was my first task this morning. 

While I did housework the little girls did some crafts and the big girl read book3 of Harry Potter. 

The cooler months mean the slow cooker gets a work out. Today it’s lamb shanks with the tomatoe and herb base. 

More chores, miss 9 dusted the tv unit while I vac’d. 

She is much calmer at collecting spiders then me. I hate the dang things! They walk funny!

I cleared out the summer clothes last week and today I need to make a list of what the big girl needs going into winter. The girls all share a wardrobe because this house has little storage inside. 

After yesterday’s shoe shop I went through all the shoes to ensure they fit, any that didn’t have gone into the back of the car for the second hand store.

After a lunch of chip sandwiches I went to  the supermarket to pick up the stuff we need for the week ahead. 

I shop at Coles mainly because they have a great bakery section at our local store though the store layout drives me mental! 

I put the groceries away because when the hubs does he doesn’t put things back where I do and I end up fustrated when doing meals! 

The girls where playing nicely and hubs was walking the dog so I took some time out to read a few chapters of HP4. 

The smell of this amazing meat has wafted through the house all day and man it was good. The lamb just fell off the bone it was great! 

After dinner the girls were playing fairies, the hubs cleaned up and I worked on an assignment until I didn’t! Our Mac is playing up loads lately and keeps freezing/not responding etc so I turned it off. 

Bed time for Miss 4. Bedtime routines included PJs teeth and two books. Her bedtime is 7pm and the other two get an extra half hr each. 

Her fave show is the voice, I let her stay til the end tonight. 

This kid has the most wicked laugh I ever did hear! 

I’m ending my week with some “Orange is the new black” and a cuppa in bed.

What a week! Thanks for following along with me. I’m so thankful for this project. Life is different to last year yet still the same. 

I’m thinking there will be next to no photos for this coming week! This week I took over 600!! 
Til next time 

K x 


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