WITL 2016 – Saturday 

Helloooooo weekend!

Oh how I love the weekend!! The girls still wake up early but there is no need to rush to get anywhere, there is no packed lunch to make, no need to watch the clock, it’s bliss really.

Wynter was awake first and in our bed to snuggle at about 6, so the two of us got up.  I tidied up from last night and W and I cuddled on the couch while she watched Nick Jnr and I finished up the Friday blog post.

When H woke up both girls requested breakfast. This is a standard breakfast for H and I have to make it with just warm water no putting it in the microwave and turning it into “real” porridge!

He was in hysterics because he couldn’t get the words out!

Just about ready to head to the shops and I spied him reading my blog. I didn’t know he did this. When I said that to him he replied that I didn’t give him enough credit! 

Take our pic mum!

She run to get the paper, stopped and said mumma grab your phone and take a photo for the album. I love that they get involved and stop so I can capture the moment.

We went to the shop to buy her a pair of chucks as she only had sandals and school shoes, she could decide so daddy let her buy both as they were only $30 each! We then went into the asics store and we noticed  a pair of kids sneakers for $24!! I’m a huge fan of asics it’s the only sneakers I’ll wear or buy as I used to compete in athletics these have always been a fan. So for $24 I said we should get miss 9 a pair, so I called her besties mum to get her to check Zs sneaker size (she was sleeping there last night) got her sneaker size and brought another 3 pairs of sneakers the $24 pair which are bright purple and can’t be worn to school and a pair of school approved sneakers each for $50. A bit of a splurge day but their sneakers in the way out.

We got to our friends to pick up our big girl and we never can get in and out without being feed and coffeed, we also locked in our annual snow trip with them despite the fact we said we weren’t doing it this year!  Hubs is secretly jealous of the drum set at their house!

Still can’t leave as the girls are playing footy on the street, it’s already lunch time and I didn’t have breakfast if we don’t move soon all hell may break loose.

When we finally get on the way we decide to ditch our picnic plan and grab lunch at a cafe at the botanic gardens where we are heading.

It’s such a gorgeous autumn day in Melbourne that a walk sound the gardens was on the menu.

I loved that he got down and took a photo, his clearly been watching how I take different angles.

The Shrine of Remeberance was one of my subject for my final photography assignments in secondary school, I love an old building.

We found this gorgeous tribute to the fallen ANZACS that gave me an opportunity to explain to the girls how we pay tribute to them and what the poppy flower represents.

We walked through the gardens taking it all in. The cafe was on the opposite side of where we had parked so we got to see lots. The girls loved it. And yes I took a stand for my iPhone to take a self timer photo.

When we stopped for lunch the big girl was super tired from her sleep over last night that she snuggled on dads lap until lunch came. The food at the cafe was fantastic!

While we ate the girls all looked over the map to work out what they really wanted to see next.

After we ate we went to watch the ducks at the pond, miss 9 got a huge fright when she saw the eels “what the heck was that” she said as she jumped back. Poor sheltered child!

The cool thing about the gardens are all the different areas are all different styles of garden. It really was amazing! We were really taken with the cactus garden, I didn’t take too many photos as I was 1) taking it all in 2) ensuring the girls didn’t get too close or run and fall and end up spiked!

As we wandered back to the gate we entered through we walked through the oak lawn which had some deciduous tress. Autumn is my fave season ever!

We made it to the ice cream stand with 15 mins til they closed.

As we were driving home the little girls were pretending they were in a roller coaster. I love their sense of imagination.

The girls all watched some tv when we got home the hubs and Max went for a walk, the poor pup must have missed us today he was super excited when we got home. I made a start on my WITL album but was a tad distracted with the messy desk so gave up after a little while.

Grilled cheese for dinner after a late lunch but the girls were happy with that.

His footy team were playing (and getting thumped) so we watched that until I heard crying from the big girl. She said she felt ill so I hustled her out of bed and just in time because she vomitted. I hate vomit, it’s one thing I really can’t deal with! I was grateful she made it to the toilet. I stripped her bed of white doona cover just in case! She felt better after being ill and went stratigraphy to sleep. I did take a picture but she yelled and me and asked me not to share it.

We swapped out the footy for a movie (The big short) and had our grilled cheese before saying goodnight on a great Saturday.

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Til tomorrow

K x


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