WITL 2016 – Friday 

It’s Fri-YAY here in Melbourne and I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend.

This morning we were all woken up by Miss H crying, she’d had a bad dream that we had lost her, she was inconsolable for a while the poor chook!

This is life when your a mum, sometimes you’ve got to do things with a 15+kg kidlet attached to your hip!

Our morning always start with tea! ALWAYS!

I want to remember that this is the only  yogurt Miss H will eat! She is very fussy though has gotten better in the last 12 months. 

The girls routine hasn’t changed much over the years, breakfast is followed by brushing their teeth. They take the old iPhone and set the timer for 2 mins.

This little monkey came out in the nudey singing and dancing “I’m chilly chilly chilly!” Yes she is random!

I always get the girls ready before myself, it’s working for now. I had hubs take this and we were cracking up cause I asked him to get lower and he sat in the washing basket!

The big girls were all ready so they did some homework so they don’t have to do any tonight. 

While the girls do homework/draw I do my hair, I don’t think I’ve straightened all week which is unusual for me! The stickers on the back of my phone are the girls stickers from gymnastics they sometimes stick there. 

There is always some sort of nature around the house. 

Today we walked to school, we normal long walk 2/3 times a week but this week due to the excursion and dad taking the girls. When we walk to school we always walk past my brothers then my grandparents. The girls like to stick their heads in at least once a week to say hi. My grandfather wanted to move because this new house (which my dad and brother built) has step stairs and it’s tough on his body but they have decided to stay which I’m so grateful for because I would have missed this! As would the girls GG always gives them a treat for school!

We had spent a little longer at GG and Pampa’s and ended up running into Schhool just as the bell went and Hs class was going to sport.

I have Miss 4s best friend today. So we have lots of fun walking home.

When I get home the girls start playing I approve all the comments on the blog. I’ve blogged loads so far this year I’m starting to find my groove and plan on expanding the content to not just my PL and memory keeping projects.

This is one of my fave sights out the front windows. The sparrows have all been hanging around lately eating the grass seeds.

I made the girls cookies for morning tea! I asked them to slowly grab a cookie each and of course they both wanted the big one on top 🙂

God I hate that the recycling box gets this full before it needs emptying! Yes I’m to blame too but I do sometimes leave it to see how long it takes the hubs to notice!

Working washing to get out away before the weekend. 

Miss Z is potentially going to a friends tonight for a sleepover so I’m getting her cross country clothes ready.

Miss 6 has a party tonight and the theme is Friday the 13th dress scary so I’ve got to hunt for the Halloween stuff in the downstairs storeroom. This room s**ts me. It has all my party stuff shoved in it from our party business plus the girls craft stuff and our ski gear but there is no order to it at all.

Miss 6s wants to dress as a red back spider, do I’m making changes to the black spider that has come in handy the last 4 years! 

I had the hubs pick up the gifts/cards for the twins party and even he agreed the cards were crap!

It was all systems go after school, miss 9 got picked up from a friend for a sleep over, Miss 6 was getting all spidery for the party and the hubs and Miss 4 got sorted for Aus kick (footy)

Miss 6 and I spent the next few hrs at the party, she had lots of fun with her friends as did I with my friends.

We walked to and from and the party and when we got home she was was exhausted. 

Miss 4 and I had a cuddle in the couch while she told me about footy. The hubs told me she had a melt down cause she was tired. 

Pizza, beer and footy on TV is a great way to end the working week. 

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Til tomorrow

K x


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