WITL 2016 – Thursday

The story of today is that today did NOT go according to plan!

Thursdays are generally the day that I have “to myself” today my girlfriend (the person who gets me like no other!) and I had grand plans to ditch yoga and go into the city have a wander, grab some lunch and see a movie . . . see the thing with Grand Plans when your a mum is not so grand! My friends kids were under the weather so our grand plans have been postponed to another Thursday.

This morning the hubs woke up earlier then me, there are only three times that this will ever happen! A flight for work, a game of golf or like today his beloved Liverpool FC were playing. He loves to get up and watch them.  He is a Pom living in Oz.

Miss 9 woke up and was super unimpressed that all the noise was because Liverpool was on and she didn’t have to get up yet, she did still sit with Dad and watch the game as she does most times he gets up to watch the football.

While he irons his shirt for work, miss 4 asks lots of questions learning about the game, Miss 9 watches and reads Harry Potter .

Max doesn’t get walked this morning much to my annoyance, as Stu will be home late tonight.  The girls tidy up the game they were playing while I get ready, then it’s off to Kinder we go, getting the shoes on in the morning is becoming quicker as miss 4 learns how to get her own shoes on!

I want to remember all the stuff she takes to Kinder and how it barely fits on her hook!

I had a look through her portfolio while I was dropping her off and loved this self portrait she drew back in March, I won’t included it in this album but I will in her yearly album.

After saying goodbye we head to school, as I’m getting the bags out of the boot I mention to Z how light her bag feels . . .”oh no mum my iPad is still on the charger!” back home we go to get the iPad that she needs for school.

The girls classrooms are in the opposite direction so we say good bye to Z as we walk into the gate, I always call out as we part “have a good day ok! but no fun!”

Back home one my own and I get some washing into the machine  (. . . and I’ve just realised it’s still in there!)


I managed to get a bit of study in today but got so frustrated with one of the questions this course is highly disorganized sometimes I just feel like banging my head against a brick wall. 

I took a break when I’d completed the written part of my assignment, tonight I’ll finish off my resource kit and call it good! I went and grabbed some cereal and fruit to get through the next two days when I’ll do a big shop. 

I only took 20 mins at the shop before heading home. 

I squeezed in a quick bit to eat then headed to school. I help in Miss H class on Thursday afternoon. It’s shared spelling with the other classes so I’m not even helping with something she is doing but that’s ok it doesn’t bother me. I love her teacher and just want to make her life easier. I ended up taking home some laminating to finish for her also. 

Thursday’s are a quick jump in the car to ensure we get to kinder on time. When I arrived to pick up W she was just finishing a picture of a dolphin jumping out of the water. She was super proud of it. 

We went home via my brothers so the girls could see their little cousin. He was so excited to see them and was very vocal in his delight. 

I let Miss 9 walk home from her cousins which is only about 100m from our house, she was so excited that I let her walk on her own even though I drove right beside her the whole way. 

When we got home I made a start on dinner while Miss 9 empties the washing machine for me and hangs the clothes. 

I love that she put on Daddy’s sneakers to go down to the laundry, his sneakers are always at the back door and it’s what I do if I don’t have shoes there. 

Miss W was upset that she didn’t have many stars on her chore chart (she is only 4 and doesn’t have many jobs “allocated” to her so I told her if she feed max she could put a star up. I love how she tells him to sit, I want to bottle this time with her forever! 

Friday night is normally our taco night but seeing as Daddy is at a work function tonight and tomorrow we have a party to go to I’ve swapped it out to tonight. The girls love tacos and load them up with vegetables which is a win! 

We all had showers after dinner and while I was cleaning ears H came in and took a photo of me cleaning W ears and said “for your special album mumma” I love that they embrace it. 

I then did Hs ears she gets lots of wax build up which can hurt and cause her hearing to be muffled so it’s a win if we can get some of it out and not have to go to the dr. 

I was going to work on my assignment but decided against it to catch up on Orange is the new Black. When I went to bed I found W snuggled into my bed, I love that she brought a book in to read, and I love even more that she has her special bunny in my beanie for his bed! 

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Til tomorrow 

K x


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