WITL 2016 – Wednesday

So today is not our normal kind of Wednesday, normally we have a home day as Miss 4 is tired from her day and kinder on Tuesday but when you get a message from a friend asking if you want to go to the zoo how can you say no!

I’d told Miss 4 yesterday that if it’s not raining in the morning we are going to visit the zoo and catch up with her new friend T. so first thing this morning she was jumping in my bed asking if it was raining, I gave her my phone with the weather app to do a  quick check for me, she was most excited that the is no forecast of rain this morning!

I got myself out of bed and made a start on the lunches for the girls and more importantly tea for us! When S wondered out Max was chuffed to see his person, and made a mad dash past me and launched himself at the hubs.

While those two went out for the morning walk I got the girls sorted for school, they want dad to take them this morning, most mornings he can’t but he has an appt at 10am so today he can.  While I was doing H’s hair she got very upset when I asked her what was wrong she said she was very tired and misses me when she is at school! I’m wandering if it has anything to do with an incident that happened at school yesterday and contacted her teacher (who didn’t answer so I msg’d) to let her know and I booked a time with the principle for this afternoon.

Once the girls were all sorted and the hubs was showered I jumped in the shower, mainly to stay warm, it’s super cold this morning! I hate the bathroom in this house, it’s too small, the shower is in the bath, the bath has spa jets that are mouldy and I can’t get them clean which means no bath, the layout is crap, the tiles are chipped and cracked and the grout is all patchy which irks me everytime I’m in the shower!

After the girls left for school, I left miss W watching TV while I had a quick breakfast, I wanted warm milk but I stupidly put my phone password in for the time!!

We left for the zoo later then I wanted but made good time as the traffic was MUCh better then I thought it would be! I stupidly forgot coins to pay for parking which I do overtime we go to the zoo, I renewed our membership and got some cash out to pay for parking then got a much needed coffee while we waited for friends to arrive.

While we were waiting for our friends we watched the rainbow lorikeets have their breakfast then I asked W if she could find an animal on the map she wanted to see today.

We had a lovely trip to the zoo, it was nice to “get away” from the everyday and be out in nature around the animals.

We said good bye to our friends and they headed home while we stayed for another hour to see and a few more animals at W’s request.

Miss 4’s fave was the orang-utans as was mine, but i did quite like the lemurs too!

When we got home I did a quick tidy up from breakfast and had a cuppa while Miss W rested she was rather tired but is still insisting on going to gymnastics tonight!

I managed a quick cuppa before heading to school for a meeting with the principle about the incident yesterday and made a formal report.

I was still in with the principle when the bell rang so I made a mad dash to get the girls and head to gymnastics. Miss 9 has been doing gymnastics for about 7 years and while she’s never going to be a star gymnasts she loves it! Miss 6 has started back up after two years of ballet and miss 4. We are looking at swapping clubs as the current club has gone down hill since the manager left in December.

On the drive home the sky in front of us was light as the sun was going down but behind us you could see the dark angry sky which promises a storm no storm came thankfully as I have a pup and a daughter who both don’t cope well with storms. The road was quite so I stopped mid drive and took a pic.

Getting home late on Wednesdays generally means a easy dinner tonight was orange chicken (butter chicken) and roti. The girls all eat it, it’s one meal where I don’t have to make something separate to please my little two!

While dinner was cooking I folded some towels I brought in from the dryer earlier.

After dinner Miss 6’s bestie sent her a msg on my phone so I let her reply back and forth for a little.

Tonight was rather mundane I folded clothes while S worked he has been working late into the night this past week!

As he was working and the house was freezing (our heater is not working and we both keep forgetting to contact the agent!) I went to bed to watch greys on the iPad and read some more Harry Potter.

Lights out for me at 11pm.

Til next time

K x

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