WITL 2016 – Tuesday

It’s the end of day two of week in the life already!

We were woke at about 1:05am to our alarm beeping from what we think was a power outage! Ahhhh NO! Not cool!

After getting back to sleep I woke up with Miss 4 in my bed at 6:15, the hubs has had a sore back the last few weeks but it was really bad last night so he slept in Miss 9s bed as it’s also a queen.

I begin the morning by turning on the kettle for a tea and empty the dishwasher. I manage to do this without throwing the cutlery in the drawer like my husband seems to when he does this job!

On of my fave parts of living in this house is the view of the sunrise we get each morning, some mornings it’s spectacular but it never last long enough in my opinion!

The pup gets a walk in the mornings these days, and the hubs wears girly leggings which give me and the little ones a good giggle!

This chook is so not a morning person, she is ALWAYS the last out of bed! She will forever rely on us I can tell!

Tuesday I have all three girls in “schooling” school for the big girls and kinder for miss 4 so our mornings include an packed lunch.

While I get myself ready Miss 9 squeezes in more homework after she got yelled at for not completing her homework for the week. Her due date is today and I’m unimpressed as she had been reminded over the weekend and we went through all of this all of last year!

The boot is full this morning I have bags to drop at the second hand store, items to return to friends (left from a party in December!) and a bag of clothes for my niece. Plus all the school/kindy bags. I send the girls out to the car while I finish my final run around the house so the bag get thrown in haphazardly until I fix them to ensure water doesn’t leak on to a iPad for example (memories from last week are still fresh in my mind!)

After successful school and kinder drop offs I head home for breakfast but a friend calls and I get caught up with her as I talk through some stuff that’s been happening/upsetting me she offers a tea and shoulder to cry on so I head to her house and abandon my vita Brits!

When I get back home I pull out the text books, Tuesday’s I try to study I’ve had loads in lately so this is the fist chance in a while to get it into it. I’m not enjoying the course but I’ll go more into that in my album.

I sit my online quiz and thankfully pass with 89% it took me over an hr to complete.

Having skipped breakfast I’m straving so I stop for lunch, Jane sandwich and an ep of Orange is the new Black. Loving this show!

I pop on a load of washing that I was meant to do yesterday then get back to the books, I have an assignment that I’m struggling with I really need to chat to a teacher friend to get some advice!

My husband travels to Perth for work every 3 to 4 weeks and Sydney the weeks inbetween so these msgs come frequently! He always manages o be away when I have school council meetings so I request not the week of that so I don’t have to find a sitter.

I head to school but sit in the earth of the car as long as possible before I had in.

I pick the girls up, then head to kindy for the little one, she tells me she missed me today and was very upset when we got home. I whispered that I had a secret adventure for her tomorrow if the rain holds off that cheered her up. Pls pls don’t rain tomorrow!

The girls thankfully have emptied their school bags without asking. I leave it for the hubs cause that’s his job, I make the lunches he leans up the lunches.

Miss 6 and I do her reader, she is getting much better but needs to work on her confidence when she reads.

Last week we had tawny frogmouths at school the principle asked miss 9 and her bestie to find out some facts to include in the newsletter so she finished that off today on the Project Life App (her bestie called to edit this version)

Dinner was with the tv on tonight cause they wanted to watch the voice from last night but daddy was to be home late so we watched it at dinner.

I felt like I was being watched!

Daddy came home just as we were prepping for bed, the girls am started their teeth while I fixed miss 9s bed. Then I go signed teeth and read to them

Got a whole heap of ironing down tonight then we sat I front of the tv him on his laptop and me cutting resources out for my assignment.

So now I’m laying bed writing this post then I’ll read a few chapters of HP before switching out the lights for the night.

Til tomorrow

K x

WITL 2016 – Monday


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