WITL 2016 – Monday

I applies for the rambling but I’m basically using the blog as a journal this week to remember WITL happenings.

Well we didn’t get off to a good start this morning, I’d left my phone on the kitchen bench but the volume was down and I didn’t hear my alarm which was set at 6am at 7:20am the hubs woke me and said “sh*t we better get up its late!” ARGH!

So this morning was a bit of a mad rush, I hate that I like to take it easy in the mornings, yes it’s always hectic with 5 of us but cause I normally take my time getting our routine done it never feels like a mad rush I hate starting a day like that! So with the later then normal start it was all hands on deck in the kitchen this morning and as He does Maxwell plonked himself smack bang in the middle of it all.

Miss H was off to an excursion with school this morning so their was an excitement in the air and a fear we would miss the bus!  The packed lunches looks a little different today because of the excursion we have to pack everything in disposable wrapping.  I also way pack a little bit extra for excursions as they get extra hungry with all the walking around.
 We had to do a mad dash to the deli because I didn’t have a disposable drinks bottle and while there I bumped into a friend doing the same for her son who is in H’s year.

After bidding the grade 1’s a fun day at the Zoo, Miss W and I headed home, I had breakfast while she played Lego.

I had to give the house a good vac/mop as their was a damp sticky feeling from all the rain we had yesterday and being mothers day yesterday the normal chores weren’t done.

While I vac’d/mopped W did some colouring and I asked if she could draw a picture for my WITL album. As I was taking a photo she said “mum I know you love me but you are really taking a lot of photos of me today!”

After the floors were all clean and good, I got a msg from a friend on the excursion with my girl showing how bad the rain was and that they were all sheltering under cover.  The house is dark and gloomy and the rain is on it’s way here  so to lighten the mood around the house we put on some music (My Little Pony soundtrack I know how jealous you all are!!) and little miss had a 20 sec dance party that she asked me to record so she could watch back.


As she danced the rain hit! I raced out to secure the garage door and put Maxwell in (secured the door with heavy pavers as he managed to escape during a thunderstorm a few months back) There was no way he was bringing his muddy paws in on my nice clean floors!

W asked to watch TV while she had her honey sandwich which was ok, I sat and made a start on some blog posts while she ate, then we got ready for swimming, the biggest decision she will make all day is which swimmers to wear today!

 She did a great job at swimming today! I was so proud of her swimming that I told her she could have a positive on the positive chart which she did as soon as we walked back into the house!

 After swimming we generally have a shower at swimming but today she wanted to go home for a shower. As I was doing her hair she noticed the camera and said “Mumma don’t take photos of my BUTT!” 

Just as I was getting ready to have lunch (at 2:35!) my friend msg to say the excursion group were heading home and asked if I could go and get her and the teacher a coffee. So I scoffed lunch and rugged up me and the little one to make a coffee run then head to school.

My girl was full of stories from their trip to the Zoo! 

Swimming lessons for the big girls all done, I’m always exhausted by this time on a Monday. All I want to do is close my tired eyes but I must drive them home! 

The big girl is in he shower and the little two are chatting away about animals (cheetahs and how fast they can run out of the rain!) while I make a start on dinner, beef and red wine casserole with mash. 

Miss W is in bed as she has kinder tomorrow there will be no coming out and thing to play with her sisters! I’ve told these two they can stay up to watch 3 acts of the voice! 

The voice is one of Z’s fave shows she is so excited it’s back. While the ads are on I type this post and cull photos from the day! Miss H is so tired but snugly and determined to stay up a little cause she loves Jessie J. 

Finally he girls are in bed, I think H fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow, Z is allowed to read for 10 mins only tonight. But she takes advantage of the fact that we are about to watch GoT. We love this show and are always egar to get the kids in bed asap on a Monday. I try to watch live so I can then watch Greys afterwards but it’s not going to happen tonight! we didn’t start until almost 8:30 so no greys. 

After GoT and a final pick up I headed to get ready for bed and saw this, just as I was about to tell her to stop ready I realized she was actually asleep. Bless her!  

All ready for bed but I have to read to wash away to day, I’m hooked on HP at the moment, Z and I have a deal I read ahead and she isn’t to go past book 3 unless I say. And no movies until all the books have been read. I’ve never read or seen them and I’m hoping I can snack the movies in without her! 

See you tomorrow for day 2 

K x


11 thoughts on “WITL 2016 – Monday

  1. First – how funny is it when kids just HAVE to put their star on the chart first thing in the door. Second – it’s HP galore at our place too. The boys have been watching the movies with their dad (I think they’ve finished the dreaded #4). We read it to them at bed – currently #3. My eldest is reading them himself & is up to #4 …and in case that wasn’t overkill and confusing enough, we have the talking book on USB stuck in the car, so whenever we drive somewhere longer than 5minutes, that gets played too – currently at #2. They seem to cope with it all …and straighten me out on facts when I get something mixed up so can’t be doing them any harm!! Finally, how ever did you manage to get a ‘breakfast making’ photo after sleeping in a couple of hours late this morning – that is commendable haha!


    • Wait what! I’m with you I’d totally need to have facts explained with all this books happening at once! Your boys are rock stars!
      I know right, my very first though was this is going to be hectic I must capture! My girls are used to seeing the camera or in this case phone propped up with the timer light flashing thankfully 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing your day! Your little one’s comments about taking her picture so much were perfection! And I love the dance party picture! You’re off to a great start on our WITL!


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