G’day Becky and Kari

Two weeks ago I got to spend the morning with some Memory Keeping Rockstars . . . my gorgeous P/L friends Beck and Renae! We along with some other Memory Keeping Rockstars had gathered together to Say G’Day to some some visitors, no one two exciting really just BECKY and KARI from the gurus of Project Life!

I ve been lucky enough to have met Becky twice before during her trip to Australia in 2014, she is gorgeous and genuine and  I totally felt like a nerdy kid showing off my album. You can read about the last time I met Becky here.

Becky was in town (Melbourne) for craft week at our craft store Spotlight and while she was the “main event” I totally fell in love with Kari and chatted to her for ages! Kari is a ball of fun, she made me feel like I was I was the only person in the room when she was looking at my album.

One of my fave things about the Project Life community here in Australia is the friendships we make along the way. Yes some of these my only be online but some do develope into real life. On this Saturday morning I was lucky enough to met two more ladies who I felt I connected with.  These friendships are very special to me as I don’t have many people in my daily life who  are interested in PL like me (horrible I know!) and I do plan and organizing a catch up with these gorgeous people for a PL day in the future.

As I chatted to Becky I explained to her my process for this year and how the last few years didn’t work for me. She loved how I’m going back to basics! I also showed her how miss 6 has grown since they last met.

Becky liked how I’d included a reason why and my 2016 plan in my Album, the reason why stems from Ali Edwards.

Becky even did a short video of my album complete with MEGA goofy smoky from me!

I really enjoying being in Becky’s company she is a rockstar, her whole team are rock stars and she makes each and ever one of us a own personal memory keeping rockstar!

And these awesome peeps I loved spending the day with them! PL bringing people together!

Thanks for visiting Becky and Kari, til the next time you visit we will be fan furling from Oz.

‘Til next time

K xx


3 thoughts on “G’day Becky and Kari

  1. Wow! I’m so jealous you got to meet Becky and Kari! What a great experience. And it’s nice to hear they were as sweet in person as they seem 😊


  2. I loved reading this Kelly! I think we’ve all ended up very fond of Kari! What a lovely person she is.
    So glad I met you through PL, it is fun to have you and Beck to project life with 😀


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