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So who followed along with Becky Higgins and her “Project Photo Rescue”?

I totally did, I took notes on what made me go “OMG YES!” or “Why didn’t I think of that” and so many light bulb moments that I have taken on the EPIC task myself cause I just don’t foresee Becky flying into Melbourne and knocking on my door any time soon!

I don’t have a dedicated craft room, but I do have a buffet that holds all my goods and a mini expedit that I store my albums in, I also have a husband who totally “gets” me and my quirks when I take on a new project.

What completely grabbed my attention the most from the Project Photo Rescue? It was when Becky said the bit about Sort, Purge, Assign, Compartmentalise and I think the last one was Equalise. That struck my in such a way that I just had to write it down and stick it on my Mac.  It makes so much sense to pull everything together and sort it all into the “right” piles for use that means a family pile and one for each of the girls. and boy can I tell you we have some stuff!

We moved from our big storage heavy house to a decent size rental with next to no storage so I had stuff every where! Artwork under beds, in linen cupboards, photos on the Mac, usb’s are all over the place it’s hectic intact  I’m sure I still didn’t find it all!

Another HUGE take away for me was this: “Done is Better then Perfect” I mean LIGHTBULB!!! Of course this is the truth and I know that in my heart of hearts that if I  can just get the story and photos in the album that is better then them sitting on the computer while I antagonise over the right enamel dot or wood veneer or even thicker to use! Why am I so stressed about making it perfect, Done is great, Done is FAB, Done is Done! and in 5, 10, 15, 20 years time I won’t care and my girls and their families won’t care if the pages aren’t jazzy.

So I made a start to figure out how I move forward from here, I grabbed all the albums I have and made a list of each one and whether is was complete, incomplete (and to what extent). The album count was at 28 (31 if I was going to count the girls 4×4 albums which they sometimes will add a photo to).  I was shocked I honestly didn’t think it was that many!

As I looked back through each album (I did this over a few days) I took some notes about the things that I loved and what I didn’t love, what I found worked and what doesn’t work so much for me!

What do I love about my albums:

I love the inclusion of QR codes, I don’t do this enough and am now making a conscious effort to do so, I’m slowing uploading all my video’s to my private YouTube channel and creating QR codes, I’ve got little ziplock bags with the girls names and the year on them so I know If I’m working on Z’s stories from 2013 I can grab that zip lock bag and have all her QR codes to add to cards as I go I’m finding this so much easier then to add after the spread is done as I always find that they look like an after thought.IMG_5559
QR’s that I used in Z’s album-Jan 2008 are some of my fave pages

I love having the girls artwork through thought their albums. Sometimes it’s at the back of that year, sometimes it is scattered through the monthly spreads, but it’s there and they love seeing their art as much as I do.  Sometimes I include the actual art work and sometimes it’s a photo of the art but it is there!


I love using digital stamps and digital journaling though I don’t use it as much as I find it so much quick just to hand write my thoughts.

I love including enlargements, weather it is in an insert or I split it between some pockets they make me happy.

I love embellishing BUT it does not work for me! The years for my family albums that are nearly done are the two years I attempted to be fancy and embellish.

What do I NOT love about my albums:

I’m not a huge fan of my handwriting . . .but I know how much I love too see my nan’s handwriting and oh how i wish I’d had her write down a story or too from her life (she has dementia and struggles daily to know who we are)

I don’t love that I haven’t included all the downs in my life, there are plenty of downs but not the downs that include family conflict.

I didn’t love the album spines I was using and immediately changed them!

From this to . . .

I used a template that I found over on Cathy Zielske’s blog, I did have to make the album spines slightly larger as she uses a different sized album.  You can find her post here for the download (I really enjoy Cathy’s posts she keeps it real!)
I also condensed 2014 and 2015 together so I had a extra album for this current year, when I get around to completing those years I will get another album.

The quality of the photos (photography and the actual prints themselves) but that is all down to the quality of the cameras back in the day!

Going forward with my albums:

Like I said I’ve made a list of all the albums and where they sit in relation to being complete.  I’m taking bite sized jobs and getting through the lists one day at a time.


Going forward with my albums:

I got out every album and made a list of what was complete and incomplete . . .

I then sat with each album and depending on how complete they were I made a list of what exactly needed doing to complete each album.  My Week in the Life Albums for example only needed about 10 things done each, so the following day I sat and completed 2014 Week in the Life in full and moved onto 2015.  I’m happy to say within 3 days these were both done!

When the Week in the Life and December Daily albums were complete I tackled the GIANT task of going through each of the girls albums and listing what needed what. The girls albums were in such disarray it was really hard to wrap my head around it but I knew that if I kept putting it off the struggle would continue.

My girls albums are done as a double spread per month with inserts if required so I can fit approx 3 years per album.

After I made the lists I started to chip away at the albums I started with Miss 4’s 2014 for no particular reason.  You can find the checklist I made here.

Can I just say I love the Playful kit, it is so perfect and fun for little people, I only have half a kit but I so wish I’d brought it full.

Some days I would only work on albums for 15 mins, others I could spend longer so I constantly had all the albums out at once.FullSizeRender

I even took my planner in the car when the hubs was driving to get bits done.

Having the albums out on the floor meant I often came across this site! #hearteyes

When I got sick of looking at photos I would sort through the girls “stuff”, I popped each years worth into a envelope ready to pull out when I’m up to that year for whichever child I was up to.

Thankfully we have a formal lounge cause this was a pretty messy project!

Some of Miss 6’s album from her baby years had all the photos in but the system didn’t work so I simply took it all out and started again to a system that I could manage (I’m trying to use mainly design A to make it easy peasy!

Late nights and loads of sticky notes!IMG_7087

Progress!!! Miss 6 who had NOTHING but a mess of photos and sticky notes in her album is knowing finally looking like a chapter in her life!

It’s still a long way off being “done” (are we ever really done!) but I’ve made massive progress since Feb and what started as empty checklists are now filled with notes and scribbles as I plow through this massive task.


Taking on the notes that Becky gave to the Project Photo Rescue winner I was totally able to get myself stuck into a plan that worked for me.  No I’m not still working on it every day as I don’t feel like I have to any more but with my new system in place I do feel like I can EASILY pick up where I left off and continue the girls albums.

My top tip . . .

Don’t make it any harder then it needs to be, fill the pockets with stories and photos and your good as done!

I will tackle 2014 and 2015 when I can no great rush, I just need a plan in place 🙂

’til next time

K x


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