Project Life 2016 – weeks 10 – 12

Hello there!

Today I’m sharing weeks 10 through 12 . . .

Week 10 was a really basic week for us, I finally made an appointment to see the physio as my shoulder has been so badly of late that its now affecting my driving as well as my sleeping, I’ve started to try out a few new recipes to add to our menu planner, Z played photographer snapping loads of photos over the weekend of me working on the girls albums (I really wanted to get as much done as possible before my sister in law and her family arrive from the UK).  The hubs has been prepping for the end of the cricket season with his junior team.

Week 11 was a great week for us, we finally had Miss 8’s allergy test which we have been waiting on since December (thankfully the results were good, yes she has allergies but they are manageable) Miss 6’s teacher returned finally returned to work after 6 weeks off (the poor thing was in hospital) now Miss 6 is pumped for learning and we spent a long weekend down at my mum and dad’s beach house.

Week 12 . . . BIRTHDAY week!! This week was all about birthday celebrations . . .ok not the whole week but def the weekend the start of the week was super uneventful but by the Friday it was my 34th birthday I don’t like to celebrate the day is just another day with the exception that I get to eat cake (well I do if I remember to buy one!) the hubs was out on the night of my birthday at presentation night for his cricket boys and two of the girls went with him so that left me and Miss 6 eating pizza and watching lego friends (I know your totes jealous of my rocking birthday!) Saturday night was the night of Miss 9’s birthday party . . . 6 8/9 year olds at a sleep over you better believe the hubs took shelter! Z had an awesome slumber party with her friends declaring the next morning (after only 4 hrs sleep) it was the best party ever . . . kids they are so easy to please!

Thanks for coming for a look, I’ll attempt to write up some more weeks tomorrow but now I MUST get back to the study books! 

Til next time 

K xx 


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