Project Life 2016 – Week 7, 8 & 9 . . .

Can we just talk about how fast this year is going! Tomorrow is the 1st of May, man the days are moving too fast this year!

I’m so grateful to have this project it’s keeps me focused on what is important to record, not only for the future but for myself and my family. These stories are our stories and we love them (not all of them some are tough) but they make us who we are!

I’m still going strong with 2016 I have up until last week done, so I’ll post those soon too.

So Week 7 was a pretty standard week for us, the girls have gotten back into a school routine, they are loving grades 1 and 4!  I was reunited with my text books after leaving them to gather dust for way too long, I only have until Oct to finish and I have loads to still do! We have been enjoying the fruits of our labour in the garden with the cucumbers big enough to enjoy and share with friends, and the flower seeds we planted when we moved in blooming.  The hubs and I had a date night with friends at a concert at the zoo.


Week 8 was a pretty busy week, I’ve started a few home lessons with Miss 4 on letters and numbers, she is super ready for school next year and is so interested in learning with both her big sisters at school.  I’ve made a game plan to knock out the girls albums after following along with the Project photo Rescue that Becky Higgins did last week . . . read the wrap up post here I have began a post of my own about how I’ve learnt from it which I will share next week. This week I also finished up my DD album, and Week in the Life from 2015 and the hubs refreshed his memory from those times. Miss 6 had a bad fall at school and bruised her ribs white badly, and to wrap up the week we had family fun day ten pin bowling, our friends all put in to get us a gift certificate for Christmas.


Can we just talk about that score card! I’m blaming my dodgy shoulder for losing to a 4 year old!


Week 9 was hot, so very hot! We wagged sports for icy poles instead, had lots of salads with veg from our garden, Miss W and I visited my gorgeous scrappy friends, Miss 8 had a fall at school resulting in x rays (what is with my girls this month!). My husbands cricket club had a special match in honour of a player who is battling cancer and raised lots of funds towards research.
This week I also included a 6×8 insert with my reason why I do these albums and my game plan this year to stay on track and on the back side a insert with a story about Becky Higgins featuring me on her social media and how I was confused to wake up to loads on followers on instagram (you can find me at @thefergiestory)

I loved this drawing of a snail Miss 4 did at kinder and cut it to size and popped it in the album, but when she saw it (despite my asking her if I could use it) all hell broke lose! She didn’t want me to cut it to put in the page protector! It took a good 30 mins to calm her down!


My WHY and HOW i am tackling this year, I wanted this in my album so I can refer back to it if I get off track, I’ve read it a few times since and it’s still exactly how I feel about this project!

Enjoy your weekend

Til next time

K x


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