December Daily 2015


So December has been and gone and I once again have completed my album! Whoo hoo!

I actually finished it off back in January but was just waiting on getting 2 6×8 prints done and then finally take some decent pics to share.

This past December was a little hectic for me, my family and I had tough 2015 as I mentioned and we were still settling into our new rental and there was so much stuff to do, I had really wanted to make it an extra special December as I had my in laws over from the UK for most of the month but I just felt the whole month was rushed with one thing or another.

Our big girl had a sever allergy to something, we are still waiting on an appt to get a scratch test, I had a few jobs lined up with my business as a party stylist and where christmas lunch was to be held was causing issues within the family . . . welcome to the silly season.

All in all I totally disliked December 2015, I felt stressed and pulled in every direction possibly, I felt as if there was no calm and no joy! Of course thats not true as there was moments of Joy but as a whole nope not the best one we have had!

Any ways this year I partook in Storytelling with December Daily by Ali Edwards, and I loved the content, it was filled with so much inspiration I wasn’t able to take the whole class content on board this year but I know that next year the lessons will still be relevant and I can incorporate the ideas then.

This is my completed album, despite my feelings towards December 2015 I still love this album.  I didn’t include the fights relating to christmas lunch nor what came afterwards because I just didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do even though it still makes me angry, upset, hurt and disappointed.

The products I used were:
– Ali Edwards December Daily 2015 Kit, which you can find here
– Jasmine Jones mini kit, which you can find here
– Simple Stories Red 6×8 album, the store I purchased from is no longer in business
– Simple Stories page protectors, I used a mix of full 6×8, 1 4×6 2 3×4, 2 4×6 and a cut down 2×2 grid
– I also used a few bits and pieces in my stash

My reason why, I love this concept that Ali encourges. I actually kind of like that my reason why was Joy and it didn’t pan out that way, it shows that life sometimes isn’t always glitter and rainbows (or chocolate and coffee!)

This is possibly my fave card in the whole album!

Letters to my girls.

Its totally OK for the DD album to not all be christmassy, on the 10th my big girl and I went and saw Taylor Swift in concert (AMAZING!!)

A pretty exciting story to share in my album was the news my sister in law and brother are expecting again!

I always try to include a drawing from my girls, sometimes it’s a little something each other times just one of them wants to include something.

Miss 4 also made me these Mr and Mrs Claus bookmarks from my album, poor Mrs Claus has already lost an eye!

This year was quite full cause I used lots of thick elements, I love how full it is!


Til next time,
K xx


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