Project Life 2016 – Weeks 3 through 6

I’ve managed to get weeks 3 through 6 into my album and photographed, Whoo Hoo!!!

It took me a while to take actual photos of my weeks as I had some friends kids in my album which don’t do social media and needed to hide their faces.

I’m attributing my new found motivation to completing streamlining my process and I’m now also taking on board some of the stuff I have been “learning” in the Ali Edwards Storytelling class and Becky’s Project Photo Rescue (more on those in a later post).

I’m a world class procrastinator, I really should be studying in my “free” time but instead I’ve been filling journal cards for my girls albums (would you believe miss 6 has not even one years worth of memory keeping in her album it’s so bitsy)  Anywho despite being a procrastinator I’ve managed to get completely up to today! Yes thats right I have right up to today in my 2016 album!! I’m so surprised but streamlining works for me!

So here are my pics from weeks 3-6 . . . I need to work on photographing my pages.

Week 3: (faces blurred for privacy)


Week 4:


Week 5:IMG_6631IMG_6633

I used a flip flap to tell the longer story of our pup Max going missing



Week 6:IMG_6636IMG_6637IMG_6638

I really should take photo of my DD 2015 album too hey!

Til next time

K 🙂



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