Project Life 2016 – Weeks 1 & 2

Hi there,

Wow it’s been a while, 2015 was BUSY! and I completely fell off the band wagon with my memory keeping efforts by I want . . .no I NEED that to change, I felt so awful not getting our story into a album last year that I am going back to basics this year. Back to when it was easier to get our stories into albums.  this this year, i’m using Project Life in it’s purest form, Core Kit, Pocket Pages and a Pen!

I still plan on going weekly as most of my weeks are easy to fill with stories, weather it’s my girls actives, our daily routines, artwork (there is SO.MUCH.ARTWORK!) some weeks may or may have inserts. Some weeks might be photo heavy, some journalling heavy, some maybe have no pretty filler cards and some may have several.  Whatever works as long as I get it in the album hey!

So I’m using the Everyday Edition core kit which I purchased online from Papertrenz I was loving the kit and then Becky had to go and bring out Project 52 1016 which is AH.MAZE.ING but it is only on the app and while I like the app I love sitting and playing with the physical product and I can do that while connecting with my girls where as I find the app is another reason to be on a device. I’m not not using the app however as I will be using it for my girls albums which I do monthly.

So as of today only  14 days into 2016 I already have week 1 and week 2 in my album! I also have our cover pages 90% done (It just needs a photo of the hubs and I).

I feel so good about getting these stories into albums, while they aren’t life shattering stories they are ours and I love them and my girls have already sat and read through the first two weeks!


You can follow me on instagram to see more photos as I work through my album and memory keeping goals this year. You can find me at @thefergiestory I’d love to follow along with your memory keeping too, comment below your instagram name and I’ll follow.

What is everyone’s top goal this year for memory keeping?

Till next time

K xx


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