Week in the Life 2015 – Thursday

I didn’t take too many photos on Thursday as it was a crazy busy kind of day.  I really struggled in the morning to get out of bed despite having to leave for school earlier then normal.


Such a chilly start to the day . . . after we all got ready the girls and I went to school via Officeworks to pick up 3 giant tins of hot chocolate for the school fundraiser we have on today.


I was super grateful to have the Hub’s car today the heated car seats were much appreciated this morning.


Miss W was a champ she hang on in the kitchen / hall without complaint for hours while we made hot chocolates for 260 students


It was a hot chocolate production line to say the least.


When we finally got home at 12:40 Wynter and I had lunch then lay on the couch She watched TV while I had a nanna nap, I had a thumping headache and my sore throat was flaring up again.  About 15mins after laying down my phone alerted me to the open day at school to see what the kids are all up to at the moment. (As much as I love seeing the girls work the thought of going back to school so soon after getting home made me want to cry!)


I went to Harper’s room first and was greeted with a project her and her bestie made.  It is a chicken coop, they have chicks in their room at the moment so it is all about chicks and chicken in their classroom.


Miss W always likes to look at the chicks each year, she is hanging for a chance to hold one but the last one only hatched yesterday and can’t be held for a few more days.


Next stop was Miss Z’s class they are currently working on countries, Z found lots of great facts about Laos.


Afterschool, I run Z to gymnastics then raced back up to H’s ballet class, I have a 15min break between the start of their two classes, it’s doable but it the heavy traffic it can be a close call.  Normally H goes with Martine and I take her eldest E with me but she is sick today.  When i got out of the car I stepped in a puddle which basically sums up the day!


After ballet the little girls and I head back to gymnastics to watch the last 30mins of Z’s class.  On the way the girls were chatting away about how to spell words, H likes to be a teach to W.  9i wanted to get  photo of H in her ballet shoes for the main photo of the day so I might just take that next week.


the traffic was heavy coming home when we finally got home I was so grateful to have left on the outside light


At Gymnastics Z’s coach reminded a few of us to purchase the team jacket before the comp in 3 weeks, I jumped on line after dinner to order it as I had forgotten.  I discovered my Amex was missing when i went to pay and got in a panic, I did find it on the floor of the car, it had fallen out of my jacket pocket.


This poor boy was soaking wet tonight! He got extra time inside but cause he was so wet straight into the laundry with him


Washing the lunch bottles is generally Stu’s job so when his away it falls on me it’s possibly one of my most despised jobs!IMG_8371

Stu sent me this of his office building as he left his last meeting, I love that he is enjoying his job and the travel doesn’t normally bother me but this week has been full on busy so I could have done with a travel free week!


I had a reasonably early night as I still had a headache, so off to bed with some painkillers!

Till next time

K xx


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