Week in the Life 2015 – Wednesday

I missed posting my Wednesday Photos last night because i was out at a camp information night at my daughters school, but here is Wednesday . . .


He was super stressed as he overslept and missed his flight, I woke at 6:20 and asked what the time was, he then flew out of bed! the flight was at 7am . . .his alarm never went off.


She was glad he missed his flight because it meant she got to say good bye again this morning


The girls are finding it harder to get up and going in the mornings lately, the winter mornings are hard and school is exhausting


Miss Z requested ravioli in her thermos for lunch today


This is the mess of getting 4 ready in our bathroom, the sink is worse!


Miss Z is becoming more and more independent, she likes to walk ahead and cross the road on her own (at the crossing of course


I’m baby sitting a friends daughter today, after dropping the girls at school Miss W and Miss N went for a coffee and baby cino


Martine met us for a coffee (actually it was her idea) the girls kept looking out for her they were so excited when they spotted her walking up to Thyme

IMG_8310  IMG_8372

He made it to Sydney and sent me a photo for my day in the life, bless him 🙂


Ummm Coffee


wiping down the table while the girlies play


Picnic lunch and Tinkerbelle


Nanny is up because I have to go to the camp information night at school tonight, After I dropped the girls at kinder I went to Carly’z to see my gorgeous nephew and swap cars with mum so I don’t have to change car seats around, she will pick up the girls and take them home for dinner


Nanny and the girls visited GG’s new house, GG had a birthday present for Wynter, she was very taken with her new puppet


Tomorrow at school we have a coffee and cake morning and a hot chocolate fundraiser, Martine asked if I could go to Woolies for some milk, the scotch fingers are for GG she asked if I could grab them for her for the golf club.

IMG_8355 IMG_8364

After the camp info Martine, Miss E and I scoffed down some donuts, then took a cheeky photo in our “spot” to represent how long we hang around at school.


Nanny took the girls out for dinner to I grabbed some Macca’s on the way home. McFeast is my go to burger.


Maxwell is getting rally good at waiting till he has been told it’s ok to eat.


Stu sent me this photo of his Sydney office as he was leaving for the night


My current Favourite show.  The girls were exhausted as they got home so late after dinner with nanny (even i got home from the meeting before them!) so they passed out pretty quickly, Nanny read on her iPad and watched oblong with me.  I had a call from Martin after The Bachelor finished, she was stressed out as the person organising the fundraiser hadn’t purchased the hot chocolate powder. i told her I would get it in t he morning, after chatting for a nit I turned out the lights at 10:3ish.

’til next time

K x


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