Week in the Life 2015 – Tuesday

Well look at me go! day two is done, i didn’t take as many photos today as I was helping my cousin pack up her house, but still enough to tell the story of today.

IMG_8137 copy


Miss H came into our room hysterical sometime during the night/morning “I miss the snow I want to go back” oh the tears the poor baby!


there is only two things he will get out of bed early for one is a early morning flight and second is football, over night his beloved liverpool played and he gets up early to watch the recorded game, I like to hint about the scores but I wasn’t savvy to a game being on last night. I have a strict no Tv before school policy which this clearly breaks and Z makes sure he knows it’s against the rules!


She was upset cause I told her were were visiting cousins in Kyenton today, she is desperate to have a home day to play with some of her presents.  The pre planned trip was perfect timing as today we have a power and water outage.


This one is crazy! She was showing Miss W how to make a apple tree grow in your tummy if you swallow one . . . you drink some water and open wide to let the sunlight in apparently!


Oranges for fruit snack at school today
DSC_0049  DSC_0051

She wanted to be my helper and get the stuff to make sandwiches

DSC_0052 DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0055

she also took about 50 photos of me making said sandwiches!


Grande latte for me, Barbie fashion fairytale for her . . . off to Kyenton we go


Miss W and Miss S licking the beaters after icing cupcakes with Aunty S


Cousin love . . . W didn’t always feel quite so loving, she takes a little to warm up to younger kids, Miss S is getting bigger therefore the friendship is no acceptable for Miss W


My cousin and her family are moving house this weekend, so I had offered to help her either pack or snuggle her new bub while she got some stuff in boxes, we made quite the team got about 4 boxes of stuff done and all is left is the clothes


Master H is 9 weeks and quite possible the most placid bubs ever! For the 4 hours I was visiting he hardly made a sound!


homeward bouse (yes I stopped before jumping on the FWY to take this photo) my GPS says I’ll be 10mins late to school, wakefully I have great friends who will tell the big girls to hang tight


I made it to school just as the bell went, the girlies had a snack in the car before Z jumped out to go into gymnastics, she is working really hard at gymnastics at the moment as they are a comp coming up in a few weeks.IMG_8183

grabbed some petrol (again) on my way home i managed to use up the $35 dollars I put in yesterday already

Homework for Miss H, she was very excited to be on two yellow dots now!

IMG_8236 IMG_8249

He had managed to lock himself around the side when I let him out he jumped on me and gave me a cuddle, we stayed out and threw his ball and played tug of war for a little bit but its was getting super chilly


Miss W had a package waiting at the door when we got home she was super excited when she opened the card to see it was a birthday present from her Aunt, uncle and cousins in Manchester UK


I ummmm’d and ahhh’d about including this shot but i liked Ali’s and thought well if anyone has a problem with it stiff it is part of my day.  I shower while the girls draw and dinner is in the oven, quiche tonight with a side of rice and veggies.


The swimming gear is all dry so i pack it all back into the bags ready for next week’s class


Carry me to the bathroom daddy!!

DSC_0068 DSC_0069

Mummy the tickle monster attacked Miss H purely because she has such an infectious laugh


while they brush i call out i can’t hear brushing before stepping in and actually brushing. Miss H is terrible at brushing her teeth she just chops on the brush and cringes cause it’s minty but refuses to use a different tooth paste!


this one  was rapt that her new leotard arrived for the comp, I must remember to order her jacket too . . .


the girls are all in bed, the little girls are chattering away and Z said she was going to run through her routines in her head before she falls asleep, I’ve stuck all my earn and learn stickers down and chucked some ironing on the board ready to do after I type this up then off to bed to read I think.

Til tomorrow

K xx


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