Week in the Life 2015 – Monday

Why hello there blog, it’s been a while! It will be nice to get to know you again over this next week!

My goal is to blog each night a selection of my photos from my WITL project I’m doing this week.  Week in the Life is a project brought to life by Ali Edwards, I partook in the project last year and whilst I was exhausted by the end looking back it is such fun album to look through!  Ali took on this project last week but as we were away on a family holiday I figured it wasn’t  true representation of our day to day life, and to be fair I’m already going to throughly document our week in the snow.

I must admit when i started snapping photos this morning i did start to worry that 1. this week is just too busy to add anything extra . . . but then i thought this kind of busy is our new normal at the moment! 2. how can i make it different to last years album, our mornings are still very similar as are our nights . . .then i remembered Miss H is at school now and Miss W is in kind so hell yeah it’s different! and 3. when i snapped a picture of Miss Z waking up she groaned “oh no mum, not more photos!” so I was worried about the family being bothered (oh well kiddies!)

I will try and get my last WITL album blogged about in the future but for now our life is pretty hectic and I’m just trying to get through each day with my sanity intact!

So here is a look into our Monday…



I started off this morning getting myself ready for a change rather then wake the girls too early, i was already awake due to this awful cold i have going on. So before i even made our morning cuppa i had my hair and makeup done . . .#winningDSC_0006

Put Maxwell out, His been so super good lately, barking less and less . . .hopefully he is turning a cornerDSC_0011

wake up ZZ, to which she replied “why are you taking photos” cause I’m doing week in the life again bus . . . . cue the groan 🙂DSC_0015

I have no words for this kid, she is so very random! this morning she declared she was a snail! sure why the heck not!IMG_8018



Z helped W out of bed this morning, mainly cause W is a lazy bones and would sleep till it was time to leave if allowed! DSC_0020

Miss W has her breakfast whilst i finish up the sandwiches, the house is so dark and gloomy in the mornings during winter, even though today was a lovely sunny day!


Miss H choose Billie B Brown for her book week costume which called for freckles (Z took this photo so i know that earlier groans all a act!)


This is pretty stock standard! driving to school scoffing down a Up and Go, I was highly disappointed in Vanilla being the only option today! Also Was acranky about the husband leaving me with no fuel so i had to stop and put petrol in as the fuel light was already on when i started the car!


The book week parade is Miss H’s idea of hell! she is shy around crowds (a lot like her momma)IMG_8050

Miss H and two of her besties


Miss Z went to book week as the Paper Bag Princess, she was chosen as one of the best costumes which she was very excited about, not bad for brown wrapping paper 🙂


After W and I got home from the parades I got to making the beds while she played with her TY’s (the current obsession)DSC_0033

I then emptied boxes into containers in the pantry, i can’t stand having a million boxes everywhere of half filled foodsIMG_8087

Lunch for Miss W and I, jam sandwich for her, vita weats for me with Vegemite and cheeseIMG_8109

Quick outfit change


a double swimming lesson for this one today to make up for missing last week, she did really well in her second class, hopefully she starts to “get” it soon as she is always asking for the teacher to hold her when she floats/swims etc but today it was all, “i can do it on my own!”


Leaving swimming and heading towards strathmore, no time to go home so we may as well drop into Aunty Carly’s or GG’s (GG was out Aunty Carly it is)


Picked up the big girls, they were pumped I let them buy a few books at the Second hand book sale IMG_8120

This one loves swimming, she like the girls in her class and she likes the teacher, today however she finished and was crying, she had a headache . . . I’m hoping it’s just a case of being over tired.


He was home when we got back from swimming today, so he cooks tonight while i go through school notes and homework


While dinner is cooking we go through the calendar, our agents want to catch up this week for a meeting and I need to add a few more trips to sydney in and some cricket club meetings for him . . .


dinner is served . . . orange chicken and rice (butter chicken)


she showers first, it’s a bit late for us tonight, having S home early throws my routine out of whack, I normally chuck the girls in the shower while i do dinner and then they can have a play afterwards . . . not tonight!DSC_0038

These two like to shower together, I don’t like it so much as they tend to argue cause “she has all the water”

While the girls were in the shower/getting ready for bed, the husband walked the dog, when he got back he washed up the lunch boxes and sat down to email all the cricket club folk regarding the meeting, I ironed tomorrows clothes.

After I post this I’ll be making a cuppa and heading to bed, i’ve all but lost my voice tonight and have a earlyish start tomorrow.

Til Tuesday

K xx


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