Our 2014 Christmas Album

***DISCLAIMER*** there are a LOT of photos in this post!

The first week of December had been insanely full on!!! I have had pack ups from events I had done, school concerts, gymnastics training, dance rehearsals and Christmas parties! I managed to journal each night for days 1 through 6.

After that I struggled. I’m a party stylist and our event at the end of November was a 10 day turn around and I don’t think caught up on the lost sleep plus I was still in stylist mode getting ready for miss 4’s 5th birthday party (I only do one party each each so my three girls are on rotation this year was the close to christmas daughter) December just didn’t feel like christmas. But I knew I still wanted to keep up with our album so I continued taking notes and taking photos.

By the time miss 5s birthday had done I could focus more on christmas, and but I just felt flat.  It just didn’t feel much like Christmas this year.  But lesson learnt Next time we have Miss 5’s party so in 2017 I’ll plan a little better.

I took all my photos and had all my notes and a huge stash so once we were home from our family christmas on the 27th I got cracking.  The girls were super content to play with their new toys and read their new books so unbeaten relaxing I sat and got our album done.  some nights I was up super late when the girls were in bed but hey it’s holiday’s we have no reason to get up early.

As I completed each page I felt that sense of joy and excitement that I normally feel during the Christmas season. I love this project and love that even though I missed the joy during December I can now relive it whenever I like.

What I loved this time around: I love using embellishments more, I loved the different page protectors that I used this year, I loved the colours I picked this year!

What I didn’t love this time around:  My photos aren’t of the best quality I’m not sure If it was just my printer (as I cleaned the heads and had fresh ink etc) I also didn’t love all the money I spent on products I just didn’t use.

What I’ll change next year: I’ve already decided next year to stick with a kit, I’m not going to buy anything extra other then the digital journal cards from Ali Edwards.  I’m yet to decide if I get Ali’s kit of one from here in Australia I’ll choose when I can see them.

Have a look and let em know what you love and don’t love.

DD2014DD2014back DD catch up dayOur christmas card photo shoot DD reason why Day 1 day 1 Day 2 day 3 Day 4 Day 4 Day 5 DDtreeday 6 DD6b DD7 DD8 DD8b DD9 and 10 DD11 DD12 treeDD12  DD13 DD14 DD15 an d 16 DD17 DD18 DD19 DD20 DD21 DD22 DD23 DD24 partyDD24 night  DD24 rosie1DD24 rosie 2  DD25 morning DD25 morning2   DD25morn DD25midDD25lunchDD26   DDcards

Now on to my Week in the Life album 🙂


K xx


4 thoughts on “Our 2014 Christmas Album

  1. Hey Kelly, I love it all. I have loved following your album. It’s so beautiful and it makes me feel I know you a little more. Thank you for sharing with us. I also love what you wrote about what you liked and what you didn’t. I think I need to get rid of all my extra Christmas stuff now too. I just know I didn’t use it this year so I won’t use it next year. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful album. xo Tina (Kristina W) so I’m not confusing you.


  2. This is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see it and flick through the pages. Your reflections are interesting too… I do think that having a limited kit to work with was helpful. Sometimes too many options can be overwhelming.


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