A new Christmas tradition!

A few months ago (September I think) I put a call out to see if anyone was interested in catching up to make a start on our December albums, I had a good response some where from the USA and whilst I’d love to visit it was a tad far for a day trip to scrapbook! a group of 6 of us all nutted out a time and place and in the calendar it went . . .
Fast forward to November 8th and I quickly packed my bag before I changed my mind (social anxiety suffer right here) and on the morning of the 9th I got myself ready and headed to the other side of town with butterflies in my tummy the whole way!
As soon as Beck opened her door and said hello I felt right at ease! Phew it was all going to be ok . . . Beck and I had a bit of time to get to know each other before the others showed up and it was safe to say we were going to get along.
Once everyone arrived (Carolyn, Betty, Carol and her friend Eryn) we all got stuck into each others albums and man are these girls talented!
Beck’s husband kindly took a few pics for us to document the occasion while her gorgeous and cheeky daughter Tilly snuck lollies and hid under the table to eat them.

DD day 1 DD day 2 DD day 3

After about an hour of chatting and admiring each others albums we finally got stuck into our work. My order of album and pages hadn’t yet arrived so I felt a little stuck but I knew what I wanted to do cover wise so I made a start on that. This year I’m using a mix of products from Simple Stories Cozy Christmas range, Pink Pailee which i brought last year and forgot I had, Heidi Swapp Believe Collection.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.44.43 pm Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.45.42 pm

Also while at Beck’s house I purchased some goodies from Carol’s pop up shop you can find more here http://craftpaperscissors.com.au/collections/all

DD Cover progress

I managed to get  a few cards made using what I had and Carol kindly let us use her stamps.  I wish I had of had the foresight to take some pre cut yardstick for journal cards so I could have stamped a bunch but thats a lesson I’ve learnt for next time.

At the end of the day when I packed up I was so disappointed to leave, I had such  great day and feel like I’ve made some new friends and I’m looking forward to this becoming a new Christmas tradition.

Are you documenting your December this year?


K  x



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