Mummy guilt . . . home truths about H’s album

I have three girls and while Miss Z’s (currently 7y/o) album has holes in it it has heaps of photos and stories. I have motivation to do her album. The stories flow from me easily. Now Miss H on the other hand I struggle I can’t put my finger on way this is but whenever I try to make a start on it I back away slowly and give up . . . again!

Miss H was a difficult baby so the stories from her first year are hard to remember, it was a blur of crying, carrying her around, sleepless nights . . . did i mention the crying! I feel until the baby pages are done i can’t get moving on the rest. But I think the real issue is that i have heaps of photos and post its stuck in but there is just too many and I only want a double spread per page, I get easily overwhelmed by how much there is. With the christmas season . . . and Miss H’s 5th birthday coming up I’m going to postpone her album until the new year.

I’m sharing her pages in their disarray so come January I can look back and see how much I’ve accomplished.

H #1 Miss H’s Front cover . . . is still a work in progress


Templates are scattered throughout all my albums

H #2 H #4

I have written out bits and pieces to help remind me. sometimes I use a post it note other times I put it straight on to a PL card.

Not one single year is complete in this album, and that makes me sad for H, she looks through her album heaps but it’s in such  disarray that it gives me the mummy guilts and I don’t want to feel like that so it’s time  to set aside times to fix it.

Til tomorrow

K  xx



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