Documenting Z in 2012

Over the course of this year I have began documenting the girls lives, I started with Z as there is more to get done and I already seemed to have heaps of photos printed from her.
My plan to do just one year at a time is doing great! so far i have knock of my list 2008, 2009 and now 2012 see my Going back and Getting it done post for 2008.
2012 is the year Z started school so I included some pics of her school work in a cut down design F (which are one of my fave page designs).
I’m sticking to a double layout per month with inserts if need be on the busier months: birthdays, holidays etc

Below are a few of my fave pages from 2012 in Z’s album . . .

Z #1

cover page

Z #2

First day of school

Z #3

Interview with Z @ 5

Z #5

School work in a 5×7 insert

Z #4

design I

Z #7 Z #6 Z #8

cut down design F with Z’s school work in it.


I hope you enjoyed having a look at Miss Z’s album from 2012, this album will also include 2013-2015 if it fits 🙂

Til tomorrow

K xx



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